Re: [R-SIG-Mac] R for macOS Big Sur

2021-01-11 Thread THIOULOUSE JEAN
pointing. > > The speed ratio I get is about 4 times slower for the arm version compared to > the intel version, both in single processor and parallel computing mode. > > Any idea about why I get these results ? > > Thanks, > Jean > > —- > Jean THIOULOUSE -

Re: [R-SIG-Mac] problem with tkrplot package

2016-01-20 Thread THIOULOUSE JEAN
I had this problem too. You can find messages in r-sig-mac about it. You must recompile the tkrplot package instead of using the binary from CRAN. Jean —- Jean THIOULOUSE - > Le 20 janv. 2016 à 14:01, ANA BE

Re: [R-SIG-Mac] sort() under terminal

2015-10-12 Thread THIOULOUSE JEAN
> language R > version.string R version 3.2.2 (2015-08-14) > nickname Fire Safety > > > Could anyone point me to some information, please? > Best wishes, > Adrian > > > -- > Adrian Dusa > University of Bucharest > Romanian Social Data Arch

Re: [R-SIG-Mac] loading tkrplot causes a segfault

2015-07-10 Thread THIOULOUSE JEAN
Re-install X11 XQuartz (I think that this is in the FAQ). Jean Le 11 juil. 2015 à 00:54, Dan Tenenbaum a écrit : Hi, loading the tkrplot package (version 0.0-23) causes a segfault. This only seems to happen on Mavericks, not Snow Leopard, Linux, or Windows.

[R-SIG-Mac] error compiling package - ld: library not found for -lSystemStubs

2012-03-27 Thread THIOULOUSE JEAN
Hi, Sorry to bother you about what is probably a bad configuration of my system. I have the following error when checking a package on my Mac (Mac Pro mid-2010 with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 (11D50), running R-2.14.2 from CRAN). I have Xcode 4.3.2 and the GNU Fortran compiler from