[racket-users] syntax woe with typed Racket 'let'

2020-05-30 Thread Hendrik Boom
I'm sorry to keep pestering this list, but I'm out of my depth with the detailed syntax (and semantics) of typed Racket. But I'm doggedly ploughing on. I'm having trouble with the 'let' line in the 'pointer-to' function listed later: (let ([vt : Ffi-type (cast ((inst hash-ref Ffi-type

Re: [racket-users] Possible bug in vector-cas!

2020-05-30 Thread Gustavo Massaccesi
Does your computer have exactly 8 cores (or subcores or whatever is the official name of that hardware feaure)? What happens if you use 7 futures instead of 8? What happens if you use 9 (or 100) futures instead of 8? Gustavo PS: I don't know the low level details of the implementation of the

[racket-users] Possible bug in vector-cas!

2020-05-30 Thread Dominik Pantůček
Hello Racketeers, it didn't take long before I hit another strange behavior when extensively using futures. The setup is relatively simple: I am processing a large fxvector/flvector and I am processing it on a line-by-line basis (the vectors themselves are width*height in nature). To avoid races