Re: [racket-users] xml vs sxml?

2020-06-27 Thread Neil Van Dyke
Hendrik Boom wrote on 6/27/20 8:33 AM: But in section 4. Appendix there is one bit of pervasive confusion: you present several differences, but do not make it clear which way the difference goes. When you say, for example, "The SXML keyword symbols may be lowercase", do you mean that SXML

[racket-users] xml vs sxml?

2020-06-27 Thread Hendrik Boom
On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 12:33:02AM -0400, Neil Van Dyke wrote: > I think anyone using XML or HTML seriously with Racket should probably at > least be told of the SXML family of tools.  And warned about the > compatibility problems. > > Though not tell them *everywhere* XML in the docs.  For

[racket-users] Re: note about parsing speed of xml vs sxml?

2020-06-27 Thread Alex Harsanyi
Looking at the source for `read-xml`, it seems to be using `list->string` in several places. That is, it reads characters one-by-one and constructs a list by appending a character to the end of it, than calls `list->string` to produce the string. I suspect read-xml could be made faster by

[racket-users] Re: Pasting an Image from windows clipboard and annotating it

2020-06-27 Thread Alex Harsanyi
You can get the bitmap from the clipboard using "(send the-clipboard get-clipboard-bitmap)" and you can use the bitmap dimensions (see get-with and get-height methods of the bitmap% object) to make the canvas the same size as the bitmap by constructing it with stretchable-width and