[racket-users] Re: Structured Concurrency in Racket

2019-10-08 Thread George Neuner
On Tue, 8 Oct 2019 10:36:42 -0400, Luke Whittlesey wrote: >I think the ceu language has a nice model of what I would consider >"structured". http://ceu-lang.org/ It has automatic cancellation and >finalization. Racket can easily support this model. Await statements >are captured through

Re: [racket-users] [ANN] RacketScript working for 7.x

2019-10-08 Thread Stephen Chang
> Does that include libraries like Pict, Pict3d, and the universe/world game > tools? Ideally yes, though we have only bounced around ideas and do not have a concrete plan. There is, however, already support for 2htdp/image and 2htdp/universe. I should have clarified that the functionality of

Re: [racket-users] How do I typeset mixed-code for docs.racket-lang.org?

2019-10-08 Thread William J. Bowman
This got me interested. I tried a quick hack on my scribble-minted package to allow for nesting different languages. Is this something like what you want? https://www.williamjbowman.com/tmp/scribble-minted/nested.html Source here:

Re: [racket-users] Racket COM error opening Word document: expected argument of type <(opt (box any))>

2019-10-08 Thread Shu-Hung You
I don't know COM but here's an attempt to guess what happened based on the documentation. On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 11:51 AM Scott Gudeman wrote: > > I am working on converting a powershell script to Racket that takes a Word > XML document and saves it as PDF. > > In powershell, when I call Word's

Re: [racket-users] General ways and concrete examples of approaching web dev

2019-10-08 Thread Marc Kaufmann
Thanks for the response to a rather general question. I'll definitely have a look at your code for Racket stories, which is live now if I see correctly. Nice! I guess one concrete thing that I find surprisingly hard in my code is to get rid of the number of times I repeat the structure of the

[racket-users] How do I typeset mixed-code for docs.racket-lang.org?

2019-10-08 Thread Sage Gerard
One of my projects allows for embedding Racket modules within elements, within a Markdown page. ## Hello World