[racket-users] Porting Racket to IRIX

2020-01-25 Thread Eric Dodd
I'm working on porting Racket to IRIX. With a few minor patches, it compiles cleanly. However, it fails on `make install` with the following error: racket/racketcgc -L debug -X "/usr/people/edodd/local/share/racket/collects" -G "/usr/people/edodd/local/etc/racket"--no-user-path -N "raco"

[racket-users] resources for learning JS / React?

2020-01-25 Thread 'John Clements' via users-redirect
I have a graduate student that wants a self-guided introduction to JS and React. The problem here, to some degree, is that there are so *many* introductions. Does anyone here have specific references that might be helpful? (Say, e.g., if Gregor Kiczales did a JS course on coursera… that would

Re: [racket-users] Strange error in racket 7.5

2020-01-25 Thread Gustavo Massaccesi
It is an internal function of the math package https://github.com/racket/math/blob/cdc64390f1e7b75de9575a91f0ec3a31f7878530/math-lib/math/private/bigfloat/mpfr.rkt#L587that is used to show bigfloats. I can't reproduce the error in Windows, but it doesn't look like an error that is platform

[racket-users] Strange error in racket 7.5

2020-01-25 Thread greadey
Hi there, I am running racket 7.5 on GhostBSD 20.01, I am getting a strange error running a file which previously ran OK on FreeBSD 12. ../../../../local/share/racket/collects/racket/pretty.rkt:478:8: bigfloat-custom-write: undefined; cannot reference an identifier before its definition.