Re: [racket-users] Programming paradigms

2017-02-20 Thread Rusi Mody
On Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 9:46:53 PM UTC+5:30, David K. Storrs wrote: > I find PP to be a useful tool for thinking about programming, but not > terribly significant in everyday use -- my code will typically end up as a > mixture of functional, declarative, procedural, and OO.  The fact

[racket-users] typed racket syntax

2016-04-15 Thread Rusi Mody
Racket being a lisp its fine that we write (: v t) where the rest of the world writes v : t But what is (: v : t) ?? A bit be-fuddled? ref: Also how would I

[racket-users] Hello

2016-04-14 Thread Rusi Mody
Used PC-Scheme many years ago... and then guile for a bit... Pleasant coming back to scheme! Some questions: 1. I am not able to clearly make out what the different semantics of the different teachpacks are. Would like summaries - for an old schemer (myself) - new people I am coaching 2.