Re: [racket-users] how to uninstall Racket 5.3.6?

2019-06-26 Thread Norman Ramsey
> TL;DR: build a new version in its own tree, then use that as a > guide to carefully deleting the old one from /usr/local by hand. Sounds workable. If a bit unpleasant. Thanks! > "/usr/local" sounds like it wasn't from a Debian package. Alas not. I've never actually used a Debian

[racket-users] how to uninstall Racket 5.3.6?

2019-06-21 Thread Norman Ramsey
discovered that the current version is reluctant to install over an existing version in /usr/local/bin. My system does not contain a `racket-uninstall` script, and searching the documentation does not turn up anything about how to remove an installation. How can I uninstall Racket 5.3.6? Norman Ramsey