Re: [racket-users] Finite state machine

2020-05-28 Thread 'John Clements' via Racket Users
Good to hear from you! Unfortunately, it’s going to be really hard to help you without more information. Can you give us some context on what your goal is, here? Is this part of a class? Your problem seems very under-specified. John > On May 27, 2020, at 8:53 PM, Med Ra wrote: > > Dear

[racket-users] Finite state machine

2020-05-27 Thread Med Ra
Dear All, i'm a new member in the group and also a debutante in racket programming and i will be happy if you read and understand what i'm asking . I want create a finite state machine to represent an hotel room booking system. first , i have created the FSM Scheme as the following : about