Re: [racket-users] Gracket format

2019-08-28 Thread Kieron Hardy
Hi Mark, How are you starting your program? Are you launching Racket from a command line or launching by e.g. double-clicking an icon in the Windows window manager? What version of Windows? Cheers, Kieron > On Aug 28, 2019, at 5:44 AM, Mark Bestley wrote: > > I am just learning racket

[racket-users] Gracket format

2019-08-28 Thread Mark Bestley
I am just learning racket using the real of Racket book. However I am have problems wil file formats. My .rkt file has become gracket format but I have no images or any non ascii/unicode text in it. This messes up version control and use of other editors. How can I force DrRacket not to