Re: [racket-users] Re: get-file-list filter

2017-02-21 Thread David Storrs
You can also, as you pointed out, generate the string programmatically. If you do, you'll get mileage out of the string-upcase and string-downcase functions: (define basestr (string-join (map string-downcase '(...jpg jpeg etc)) ";") (define str (string-append basestr ";" (string-upcase

[racket-users] Re: get-file-list filter

2017-02-20 Thread Alex Harsanyi
On Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 11:52:49 AM UTC+8, Lehi Toskin wrote: > In `get-file-list` there is a filter argument that can be passed to the > function such that when going through a directory it'll only list directories > and those files in the filter (separated by a semicolon). This can