[racket-users] Amazon Mechanical Turk library/package in racket

2019-09-11 Thread Marc Kaufmann
Hi all, I was wondering if there is a Racket library that makes it easy to interface with Amazon's Mechanical Turk interface (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSMechTurk/latest/AWSMturkAPI/Welcome.html) and if anyone has some code lying around on how to do so? I know that there is the aws package


2019-09-11 Thread Stephen De Gabrielle
Hi, I’m trying out a discord server. It’s pretty similar interface to slack and while it doesn’t do some things slack does...it does some things that slack doesn’t. Please give it a try https://discord.gg/6Zq8sH5 Kind regards Stephen -- You received this message because you are subscribed to

Re: [racket-users] continuations for search

2019-09-11 Thread Neil Van Dyke
I don't recall seeing that implemented in Racket/Scheme, but, in class, years ago, Leslie Kaelbling mentioned using Scheme captured continuations for AI search backtracking, as I mentioned (and Matthias has good comments in that thread):

[racket-users] continuations for search

2019-09-11 Thread Hendrik Boom
Depth-first searches are easy to code by simple recursion. Breadth-first searches are good for finding short solutions and not getting caught in infinite recursions. Are there any ready-made tools in Racket for turning depth-first search code into breadth-first by strategic use of

Re: [racket-users] [OT] Nostalgia

2019-09-11 Thread Annaia Berry
Amusingly enough, I've spent a little time playing with a Lisp someone ported to the 128K Color Computer 3. https://github.com/jamieleecho/minilisp It is very hard to do much of anything once the interpreter and library is loaded in. To be honest I'm still impressed it runs at all. :D It's a

[racket-users] REPL printing importance?

2019-09-11 Thread Jack Firth
Survey question: how important is it that values print nicely at a REPL? Do any of you have pet peeves in this area, or cases you wished Racket handled better? Tales of woe gladly welcomed! -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Racket Users" group. To

Re: [racket-users] [OT] Nostalgia

2019-09-11 Thread Stephen De Gabrielle
I remember being interested in Acornsof Lisp for the BBC Micro, but sadly it was too expensive to be seriously considered(£80 iirc). I did manage to get a hold of 'A little smalltalk' and the associated book later, but ended up going down the Racket rabbit hole instead... S. On Wed, Sep 11, 2019

[racket-users] Technical Breakdown of a new NES game written in Lisp (dustmop.io)

2019-09-11 Thread Bruce O'Neel
Pointed to by hacker news (news.ycombinator.com) "Rather, a custom language was developed in tandem with the game.  [Co2](https://github.com/dustmop/co2) is a Lisp-like language, built on Racket Scheme, which compiles into 6502 assembly. This language was originally started by [Dave

[racket-users] Re: REPL printing importance?

2019-09-11 Thread gfb
Having the distinction between displayed and printed representation is very important. Responsiveness is very important, so I'd like to see large values handled better. Simply guarding against the accidental printing of a looong list would be nice. Printing truncated, with a clickable "...",