[racket-users] plan to build a continuous integration system in racket

2020-02-12 Thread Xu Xue
Hi, all I am a senior student and plan to build a continuous integration system using Racket as my graduation project. I'm very new to Racket web programming and CI/CD (about CI system I've already found some great projects to refer to). I've just gone through [Web Applications in Racket] and

[racket-users] Re: How to convert String to Integer

2020-02-12 Thread Alain De Vos
I came to the following result as conversion function : #lang typed/racket (: string2value (-> String Integer)) (define (string2value astring) (define (fun [val : Char] [res : Integer]) (+ (* 10 res) (- (char->integer val) 48))) (foldl fun 0 (string->list astring)) ) (print (string2value

[racket-users] USB serial port error

2020-02-12 Thread Dmitriy
Hello all, I'm trying to get racket to talk to a virtual serial port on windows 10, and I've previously used code based on this email thread https://lists.racket-lang.org/users/archive/2014-September/064136.html It used to work and now for some reason it fails with an error 87 when I try to