Re: [racket-users] GUI problem -- main window loosing focus when two dialog boxes are opened

2018-05-08 Thread James Platt
No problem on macOS 10.11.6 "El Capitan", Racket 6.10, or on macOS 10.13.4 "High Sierra", Racket 6.12. On May 7, 2018, at 8:46 PM, Alex Harsanyi wrote: > I have a problem with the Racket GUI where the main application window looses > focus if two dialog boxes are opened than closed. The

Re: [racket-users] Want to send email with net/smtp. An error to fix.

2018-01-19 Thread James Platt
> > (And is the html thing really that big a deal?) > > > It's likely that part of the reason they were caught in a spam trap was > because they were HTML and formatted with both very large font and half a > dozen different colors. Also, as George points out, HTML formatting gets > fouled

[racket-users] Contract work

2018-03-29 Thread James Platt
My company, Biomantica, is working on an SBIR grant application and we would like to be able to include statements from people who would be willing to do Racket contract work for us contingent on our getting the grant. What we really need is just to show that we have people we can call on who

Re: [racket-users] Splitting up a GUI source file?

2018-03-23 Thread James Platt
> May be relevant > > Indeed, I got part way through working with that package for this exact purpose but ran into glitches. The main thing is just a lack of documentation. At this point, I am favoring the idea of borrowing

Re: [racket-users] Splitting up a GUI source file?

2018-03-23 Thread James Platt
> I am trying to create a GUI program, my problem is that the source code for > the > GUI portion is growing out of control and I don't know how to split it up. I'm not sure if this will really answer your question but you may want to look at some code from MrEd Designer and see how it splits

[racket-users] Sorting a list-box%

2018-03-05 Thread James Platt
I'm working on something which is leading to a cascade of questions so I suppose that I should just start by explaining what I am trying to do. I have written some code which takes the results of an SQL query and displays it as a table in a GUI using list-box%. This works and I am now writing

Re: [racket-users] Re: Sorting a list-box%

2018-03-05 Thread James Platt
On Mar 5, 2018, at 4:00 PM, Alex Harsanyi wrote: > If you want to look at a possible implementation, I wrote a wrapper around > list-box% for exactly the purpose of showing SQL query results in a > list-box%. It supports sorting, adding, deleting and updating individual > rows, and you can

Re: [racket-users] Re: Upgrading Racket

2018-10-02 Thread James Platt
I'm just now getting back to this after returning from Racketcon. I ran `raco setup` as the user and again as root and it did not solve the problem. So then I tried `raco setup -c` but this gave permission errors (unlike the previous commands). so I ran `sudo raco setup -c' and then `sudo

[racket-users] Upgrading Racket

2018-09-28 Thread James Platt
I just tried upgrading to Racket 7 on one of my machines (macOS 10.11.6) and I get the error shown below in DrRacket. I thought I should mention it since I am probably not the only one. I installed with the obvious method, which is to just drag the new Racket folder over to applications as it

Re: [racket-users] Re: Upgrading Racket

2018-10-03 Thread James Platt
> "/Applications/Racket v7.0/bin" >/etc/paths.d/racket`. > > -Philip > > > On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 9:53 PM James Platt wrote: > I'm just now getting back to this after returning from Racketcon. I ran > `raco setup` as the user and again as root and it did

Re: [racket-users] Places code not using all the CPU

2018-10-08 Thread James Platt
I wonder if this has anything to do with mitigation for Spectre, Meltdown or the other speculative execution vulnerabilities that have been identified recently. I understand that some or all of the patches affect the performance of multi-CPU processing in general. James -- You received

[racket-users] Jewel is Jewelbox?

2018-09-28 Thread James Platt
In the PLT Games included with Racket 7, there is a game called Jewel. It's very much like a game from a while back that was called Jewelbox. This was something like 20 years ago and I remember it mainly because I still have the little drawstring bag which the disk came in. It was