[racket-users] transparency of structs?

2019-09-06 Thread jos.koot
Hi Has something changed with transparency of structs? I find the following: #lang racket/base (module a racket/base (define inspector (make-inspector)) (define-values (descr constr pred acc mut) (make-struct-type 's #f 2 0 #f '() inspector #f '(0))) (define an-s (constr 'monkey

RE: [racket-users] transparency of structs?

2019-09-08 Thread jos.koot
Thanks, make-sibling-inspector does what I want. Jos -Mensaje original- De: Ben Greenman Enviado el: 08 September 2019 01:20 Para: jos.k...@gmail.com CC: Racket Users Asunto: Re: [racket-users] transparency of structs? I see the same results on Racket 7.0 and 6.5, so I don't think

RE: [racket-users] scribble defproc looses parenthesis

2019-09-21 Thread jos.koot
Thanks, Your report shows even weirder things. Best wishes, Jos De: Gustavo Massaccesi Enviado el: 21 September 2019 13:33 Para: Jos Koot CC: Racket-Users List Asunto: Re: [racket-users] scribble defproc looses parenthesis It looks like an error to me. I made a bug report in