Re: [Radiant] Jquery on radiant cms, how to

2009-05-09 Thread Joel Oliveira
Use a link / tag in your layout and point the src attribute to the latest jquery release hosted by google. You'll alleviate a little bit of work off your server(s) and your users will most likely have it cached already! Triple-whammy - Joel On May 9, 2009, at 9:07 PM, Bruno Carvalho

Re: [Radiant] Is there an extension for rotating or random images?

2009-05-13 Thread Joel Oliveira
I know I'll come off as the guy who turns to the javascript hammer every time he needs a tool to fix a problem -BUT, that'd be a 3 or 4 line implementation with some JS. Or is that out of the question for your purposes? - Joel On May 13, 2009, at 10:07 AM, N. Turnage

[Radiant] updating extensions for 0.8.0

2009-05-20 Thread Joel Oliveira
Everyone - I'm working on a test site using the latest edge version of 0.8.0 and am occasionally running into some hiccups with extensions using some deprecated methods - which is totally understandable. Throughout this exercise I'm trying to make the appropriate changes in order for things to

[Radiant] simple extension dev question

2009-05-23 Thread Joel Oliveira
Hi everyone - I'm trying to put together a really simple extension for the admin area that relies on a javascript library. I generated the extension and changed the contents of the main extension.rb file to contain def activate :top, 'new_header' end and placed a partial

Re: [Radiant] simple extension dev question

2009-05-23 Thread Joel Oliveira
:// On 23 May 2009, at 12:49, Joel Oliveira wrote: Hi everyone - I'm trying to put together a really simple extension for the admin area that relies on a javascript library. I generated the extension and changed the contents of the main extension.rb file to contain def

[Radiant] My first (very small) Radiant extension for keyboard shortcuts

2009-05-24 Thread Joel Oliveira
Everyone - Thought I would share with the list something I whipped up over the last couple of days to scratch an itch I had while using Radiant. While doing a lot of editing in the various textareas across the admin I found myself getting a little annoyed from tabbing, or scrolling and

Re: [Radiant] We need to talk about extension versions

2009-06-09 Thread Joel Oliveira
Speaking of the registry - has there been any discussion into giving that a bit of an overhaul itself? There's a whole lot of information not included there that would be hugely beneficial to those new to Radiant. I hate to pull this in, but ... the way wordpress's plugin directory works has

Re: [Radiant] Insert rss

2009-06-11 Thread Joel Oliveira
Looks like you need to have the feedzirra gem installed @ your host On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 11:26 AM, Mauricio wrote: yes but i have problems whit feedzirra, i have install in mi host but the display this error no such file to load -- feedzirra

Re: [Radiant] Simple Machines Forum + Radiant

2009-06-28 Thread Joel Oliveira
If Beast is something you'd want to explore, then I'd recommend Altered Beast which, I think, is a fork that's actually active in its development. On Jun 28, 2009, at 4:13 PM, John W. Long wrote: Mohit, Have you thought about integrating Beast with Radiant? I think

Re: [Radiant] Using as product catalog and E-commerce solution

2009-11-30 Thread Joel Oliveira
Hey Dmitry - The very best solution to this would be to build the catalog as you see fit, and then later on layering FoxyCart on top of it. Foxycart's great in that it's CMS agnostic and pretty feature-full on the cart and checkout side. Timely in that I'm working on a site using FoxyCart right

Re: [Radiant] How to improve site performance?

2009-12-28 Thread Joel Oliveira
Hey Rob - Also think about combining whatever (non-repeating background) images you have into one sprite file, combining CSS and JS files into one file, for each respectively. You're going to see a big hit in perceived speed if you're making that many requests to your web server. Do a fresh

Re: [Radiant] Wordpress migration

2010-01-21 Thread Joel Oliveira
Tread with caution regarding buddypress. I went through a similar effort with a client and found that buddypress was, at best, in a beta state. For radiant I think it has more to do with comfort for myself. I prefer ruby, and radiant is more fun to work with. Having said that - the majority

Re: [Radiant] restart server on site5

2010-02-03 Thread Joel Oliveira
If you monitor your production log file while you're attempting all the various restart options that might tell you when you bounce it correctly. Like John said, with passenger it's usually touch tmp/restart.txt ... if you view the logfile with `tail -f log\production.log` in one shell and

Re: [Radiant] 0.9 RC1 suitable for production use?

2010-03-17 Thread Joel Oliveira
I just started a new client project and made the jump to .9 ... so far I'd say it's more than usable. Sure, it might be somewhat of a moving target over the next month or two, but once you get everything working as it should there's no reason you have to keep pulling the updates, right? That's

Re: [Radiant] Radiant] Layout Source Control (etc)

2010-03-19 Thread Joel Oliveira
Jim - This is excellent, thanks for sharing! The timing of this thread couldn't be more perfect for me. Everyone/Josh - this fs extension pretty much does exactly what you need it to. So far so awesome! - J On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 1:42 PM, Jim Gay wrote: On Mar 19, 2010,