[Radiant] Rake error with 0.6.5 RC1

2008-03-12 Thread Sean Schofield
I am trying to run 'rake production db:bootstrap' but I'm getting a rake error. I do not get this error on my local dev box, only the production machine. I'm using Rails 2.0.2. The production box has postgresql for a database but I doubt that is the issue. Here's the stacktrace. Any help is

Re: [Radiant] Rake error with 0.6.5 RC1

2008-03-12 Thread Sean Schofield
Sean, Just figured this out myself and was trying to figure out how to respond to my own message ... I'm working with the hosting peeps to upgrade to 1.8.6. Thanks for the answer (and now we have it on public record of how to solve it.) Cheers, Sean

Re: [Radiant] Moving forward more quickly

2008-04-01 Thread Sean Schofield
a standard google search. Benny Sean Schofield ___ Radiant mailing list Post: Radiant@radiantcms.org Search: http://radiantcms.org/mailing-list/search/ Site: http://lists.radiantcms.org/mailman/listinfo/radiant

[Radiant] Re: Re: Re: E-Commerce, Anyone?

2009-01-14 Thread Sean Schofield
The share_layouts extension: *http://tinyurl.com/share-layouts* It allows you to share Radiant view with your own controllers. Theoretically you could have a Spree project and a Radiant project share the same views. So basically you would want Spree to be able to fit inside of existing