Re: [Radiant] What is Radiant 1.0

2010-06-30 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
+1: This is a great idea On 30.06.2010, at 09:03, William Ross wrote: On 30 Jun 2010, at 02:04, Jim Gay wrote: On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 8:50 PM, Jeff Casimir wrote: Other people might not see it that way, but by far one of the most popular questions I get about

Re: [Radiant] radiant-settings broken with Radiant 0.9.1 and trunk

2010-07-30 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi, On 30.07.2010, at 10:27, Martin Stabenfeldt wrote: Hi, I´m running the Radiant 0.9.1 gem without any modifications. rake db:bootstrap, that´s all. The same happens when running Radiant edge. Installed with: ./script/extension install settings This bug just hit me yesterday (but I

[Radiant] Multi Site or Vhost

2010-08-17 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi *, I'm thinking on merging some of my radiant sites into one instance of radiant with the multi-site or the vhost extension. Could somebody come up with a brief explanation of the differences of the two? And if I can recall it correctly I read about some changes to core so it would be

Re: [Radiant] Multi Site or Vhost

2010-08-18 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
On 18.08.2010, at 15:33, Josh French wrote: On Aug 17, 2010, at 9:29 PM, Jim Gay wrote: And Josh French at Digital Pulp has done a lot of work with multi-site. Not for some time, however :) If you've got no compelling functional reason to prefer MultiSite, I would probably nudge you

Re: [Radiant] Multi Site or Vhost

2010-08-18 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
On 18.08.2010, at 16:13, Josh French wrote: On Aug 18, 2010, at 9:58 AM, Haselwanter Edmund wrote: For me the most important point is on how is the future and glue to radiant core. That's why I asked on the state of core discussions. In that case I would prefer Vhost. Its approach

Re: [Radiant] Taking advantage of Rails form helpers/partials within Radiant

2010-08-20 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi, On 20.08.2010, at 07:59, Wes Gamble wrote: On 8/19/10 11:05 PM, Wes Gamble wrote: On 8/16/10 10:36 PM, Wes Gamble wrote: All, I have some custom models which need to be represented in Radiant views, and I would like to be able to take advantage of standard Rails partials, Rails

Re: [Radiant] Taking advantage of Rails form helpers/partials within Radiant

2010-08-20 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Edmund, I did see this, but I don't think it exactly addresses my issue. I want to render a page where half of my content is provided by a Radiant user, and the other half is provided by me (the developer). Then I don't understand your use case. Either use radius tags to render your

[Radiant] i18n keys

2010-08-27 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi *, I have got a question regarding translation keys: Aren't i18n keys global? If so, then I would recommend to namespace them for extensions. Either with a key prefix or a namespace Example with Settings extension: --- en: settings: Settings == prefix --- en: settings_settings:

Re: [Radiant] Radiant 0.9.1 and Globalize2 Extension Compatibility

2010-08-31 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
On 31.08.2010, at 16:52, Nicholas Henry wrote: I was wondering if the Globalize2 Extension is compatible with Radiant 0.9.1 or only 0.9 RC1 as noted on are

Re: [Radiant] Re: Regarding Ruby on Rails

2010-09-10 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
you did not answer my questions: what does (on the terminal) $ gem env output look like? $ gem list output look like? can you start irb and require something? $ irb require 'radiant' = true quit please add more information to your posts :-) On 10.09.2010, at 13:31, Crooksey

Re: [Radiant] Re: Regarding Ruby on Rails

2010-09-10 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
On 10.09.2010, at 14:03, Anton J Aylward wrote: Haselwanter Edmund said the following on 09/10/2010 07:35 AM: you did not answer my questions: what does (on the terminal) $ gem env I did that. My thread was about problems with being unable to start after a Dreamhost upgrade to 64

Re: [Radiant] if_url matches

2010-09-13 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi, This depends on the page type. The Problem is that the match is done against the url the page sees. This is where the page paradigm fails. As I read you have a Gallery Page here? I kknow for sure that this does not work on galleries. You could use some gallery specific tags. btw. a

Re: [Radiant] Re: Newsletter extension

2010-10-14 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
we have basic mailchimp extension to the forms extension. look at github/iteh -- Edmund Haselwanter On 14.10.2010, at 13:50, Matt Spendlove wrote: Agree on the external service suggestion. Both Madmimi and Mailchimp have APIs also..

[Radiant] Facebook Group and Page

2010-12-05 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi *, I've set up a Facebook Fan Page for Radiant as it is not possible to add RSS Feeds to the Group. If you have a Company devoted to Radiant please don't hesitate and post a link to the page. If you have a Fan Page of your Company,

Re: [Radiant] Re: render_radiant

2011-01-20 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
On 20.01.2011, at 23:02, nx wrote: share_layout, as far as I know (haven't used it), uses templates (ERB, Haml, whatever) rendered from the action and wraps the rendered template in the Radiant layout. render_radiant, on the other hand, uses a Radiant page matching the path of the

Re: [Radiant] Re: Extract the number from the tag list

2011-01-26 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi, I just committed to: and sent a pull request to ul r:all_tags:each limit=1000 by=popularity order=desc li class=size1a href=r:url/r:name/(r:popularity/)/a,/li /r:all_tags:each /ul On

Re: [Radiant] Re: Radiant on Heroku - Extension problem

2011-02-08 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
On 08.02.2011, at 11:42, Hadi S. wrote: ok, i figured out why the extensions directory is empty. git added those as submodules, so git never pushed them to the server. Now i have to figure out how to remove the submodule and add the extensions as normal content. in Capfile: require

Re: [Radiant] Re: vhost extension site scoping

2011-02-14 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Snippet: name: message: 'Name wurde schon verwendet' scope: site_id in config/vhost.yml should do the trick ... On 14.02.2011, at 09:14, craayzie wrote: So weird. I run the migration but it does nothing to db/schema.rb: add_index snippets, [name,

Re: [Radiant] Re: vhost extension site scoping

2011-02-15 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
On 15.02.2011, at 01:37, craayzie wrote: Below is the migration that finally did the trick! There wasn't really a need to have an index on the name attribute anyways since it'll always require the site_id. The uniqueness of a field in rails is a programatic constrain in ruby, not a

[Radiant] Memory usage

2011-06-06 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi *, I see an awful lot of memory consumption on my radiant instances (mostly 0.9.1) 592 h-adm 15 0 475m 248m 3040 S 0.0 5.4 0:11.29 ruby 19113 h-adm 15 0 419m 189m 3516 S 0.0 4.1 0:37.23 ruby 24197 h-adm 18 0 397m 174m 5128 S 0.0 3.8 0:17.75 ruby 18545 apache20 0

[Radiant] Re: [Radiant-Dev] [ANN] Radiant CMS 1.0

2012-02-29 Thread Haselwanter Edmund
Hi *, Thx for the great work :-) cu edi On Feb 28, 2012, at 4:46 PM, Jim Gay wrote: I'm proud to be able to release 1.0: Many good things have gone into this long-awaited release. The 1.0 series will be the last on Rails 2. Only minor fixes will go