[Radiant] if/unless. Proposal for a new conditional tag

2011-05-05 Thread eiked
I'd like to propose an improvement to the way radiant handles conditionals. Currently we have a lot of diverse r:if_something and corresponding r:unless_something tags. I'd like to make a proposal how this can be improved. The first step would be to consolidate if/else into a container like:

[Radiant] fix the save button to the window

2011-05-08 Thread eiked
I'd like to suggest an change, which I believe does ease editing in radiant CMS a lot. I preffer to have the Save and Save and Continue (or Cancel) Buttons always at hands (without needing to scroll) So I fix them to the lower right of the window: public/stylesheets/admin/overrides.css:

[Radiant] Re: What's the snippet?

2011-05-17 Thread eiked
Hi Shanison, Snippets get rendered into the page as a piece of html. So in the resulting page you can not easily identify where a piece of html came from. This is perfectly fine in deployment. But during development and debugging it's tremendously useful if you can clearly indentify the origin

[Radiant] Re: fix the save button to the window

2011-05-17 Thread eiked
Adding keyboard shortcuts would be so nice. Ctrl-s on windows/linux, cmd-s on Mac. While there seem to be some pitfalls to this. see: http://unixpapa.com/js/key.html Hi John, what should happen on shift-s? (just kidding) BTW: on the mac there's a lesser know shortcut for cancel which is

[Radiant] Re: if/unless. Proposal for a new conditional tag

2011-05-17 Thread eiked
on his blog a while back:    http://wiseheartdesign.com/articles/2010/03/11/proposal-generic-condi... I don't know whether the proposal has been implemented, but perhaps someone else on the list could say. Cheers, Drew On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 11:23 PM, eiked e...@snafu.de wrote: I'd