Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Wouxun Radio

2010-08-30 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV, Glenn Little WB4UIV glennmaill...@... wrote: Mine will do 5.00, 6.25, 10.00, 12.50, 25.00, 50.00 and 100.00 KHz. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 09:35 PM 8/29/2010, you wrote: John (et all) - Is the 1.25M version capable of 20 kHz steps? The spec sheet makes it look

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Wouxun Radio

2010-08-29 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
What is it that these licensed hams do not understand about using equipment in the ham bands??? You can build your own equipment (remember those days?). There is NO type acceptance for amateur equipment. There are limitations as to how much you can build or modify in a year to cut down on

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Wouxun Radio

2010-08-29 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Mine will do 5.00, 6.25, 10.00, 12.50, 25.00, 50.00 and 100.00 KHz. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 09:35 PM 8/29/2010, you wrote: John (et all) - Is the 1.25M version capable of 20 kHz steps? The spec sheet makes it look like it can only do 12.5 or 25 kHz steps. - JimF K6IYK At 8/29/2010 06:06 PM,

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Dielectric diplexer

2010-08-11 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I disassembled one for channel 4. The cavities were about 3 feet in diameter. I salvaged the plungers for the INVAR rods. The diplexer was mounted on a huge roll around aluminum frame. The cavities were connected with 3 inch ridge line. There were four cavities, two fir video and two for audio.

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Mystery Micor problem

2010-08-09 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
, Is it safe to say look in the channel element for the bad cap ? Tempeture is not a issue with this unit it was in a heated and A/C garage kept about 65-80 degrees with dehumdifer. I am glad the new site is climate controlled also. Ryan n3ssl --- In, Glenn Little WB4UIV

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Mystery Micor problem

2010-08-08 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Was the shift a drift or a step jump? If a step jump, you probably have a bad silver mica capacitor. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 04:23 PM 8/8/2010, you wrote: Hi Group, I have a Micor mobile set up as repeater. Worked great and was on frequency for over 8 years no problems.(lost rpt site May 2010) and

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Mystery Micor problem

2010-08-08 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
have not looked inside a channel element in years usally send them out and trust the mfg. I also gave the crystal movement a thought but was is a temp controlled enviroment. Ryan --- In, Glenn Little WB4UIV glennmaill...@... wrote: Was the shift a drift

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Narrowbanding

2010-08-02 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I do not know about Nextel, but, the US DTV signal fits into a 6 MHz bandwidth. We use a mask filter to ensure that the bandwidth is no more than 6 MHz. 500 kHz from band edge = -47 dB 6 MHz from band edge = -110 dB 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:58 AM 8/2/2010, you wrote: On 8/2/2010 10:45 AM, Scott

[Repeater-Builder] Invar Rods

2010-07-15 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Does anyone need INVAR rods? I salvaged some from a TV audio / video RF combiner. 73 Glenn WB4UIV

[Repeater-Builder] Tone Boards

2010-04-18 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I have some tone boards that I no longer need. Two are Regency 504-046B Three I think are EF Johnson, they are marked 006B036 with a serial number after that on a gummed label. These had a daughter board, which I think, sets the frequency. I have one unknown board marked PD-085AA with a black

Re: [Repeater-Builder] RF Fuses

2010-03-20 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
If I remember correctly, Cushman had a box that went in front of their communications monitors. This was a small cast metal box with BNC connectors attached. Inside was a small pigtail fuse between the connectors. The fuse was rated at 1/32 Amp. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 06:36 PM 3/20/2010, you wrote:

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Two coax and connector questions

2010-03-03 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Reverse threaded connectors are used to get a piece of equipment past FCC type acceptance. The type acceptance paper work specifies the antenna that is used for acceptance. Any other antenna voids the type acceptance. Since reverse threaded connectors are not available to the general public,

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Two coax and connector questions

2010-03-03 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
. etc, etc, etc. -Brian / KF4ZWZ On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 6:11 PM, Glenn Little WB4UIV wrote: Reverse threaded connectors are used to get a piece of equipment past FCC type acceptance. The type acceptance paper work specifies

Re: [Repeater-Builder] RE: follow up on lightening strike last spring

2010-01-16 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Do you get the same crackling noise with the duplexer attached to a dummy load? a ground mounted antenna with different feedline? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 06:12 PM 1/16/2010, you wrote: I know its been a long time since I first posed the question on what might be causing the noise we were

[Repeater-Builder] DB-4018 cavity

2009-11-29 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
This cavity was designed for the UHF aircraft band, 225-400 MHz. Will it tune to the low end of our 220 MHz band? Thanks 73 Glenn WB4UIV

Re: [Repeater-Builder] pre-amp placement

2009-11-25 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
If the preamp has helical resonators on the input, it should not matter. If the preamp does not have preselection, after the bandpass filter, unless you like the intermod that will be generated in the preamp. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:46 PM 11/25/2009, you wrote: Hi, I have now read two different

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Pager Interference to 2-meter VHF Public Service Band

2009-10-28 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Locally, years ago, we had a military transmitter that had a wandering spur. I am near Charleston, SC. The spur was strong enough to key up amateur radio repeaters in the two meter band from Wilmington, NC to Savannah, Ga. The offender turned out to be a 250 Watt base station used to cover

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Spectrum UHF Repeater SCR Crowbar circuit activating during TX

2009-10-15 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I had a similar problem with a home brew supply. My fix was a choke (100 uHy)in series with the gate as close to the gate a possible. I bypassed the choke on both sides with 0.01 uF capacitors with leads as short as possible. This fixed my problem. You are probably rectifying RF inside the SCR.

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Need a TLD-2601A PA

2009-08-20 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
, Joe, K1ike PS; You aren't the Glenn that worked a Glenayre, are you? Glenn Little WB4UIV wrote: Desolder the flat gold plated transistor leads. Clean the black residue at the gold - tin interface. Resolder the transistor leads after removing any gold left by tinning the lead and removing

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Need a TLD-2601A PA

2009-08-19 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Desolder the flat gold plated transistor leads. Clean the black residue at the gold - tin interface. Resolder the transistor leads after removing any gold left by tinning the lead and removing the solder a few times. Gold embrittlement is very common. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:25 PM 8/19/2009, you

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Getting mice out of a repeater sight

2009-07-28 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Look the other way and the mice will be out of your sight. Did you possibly mean your repeater site?? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 04:19 PM 7/28/2009, you wrote: Hey guys, I am sure many of you have been through this before. The evil mice decided to waunder in to my repeater sight. Up until now they

Re: [Repeater-Builder] DTV ch 2 vs 6m

2009-01-10 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
. The digital transmitter has a Mask filter between the transmitter and the antenna. The skirts on this filter are almost vertical. This is a very effective filter. The in specification out of band noise can be very high. 73 Glenn Little WB4UIV Chief Engineer WCIV TV At 09:42 PM 1/10/2009, you wrote

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Old 220-222Mhz ACSSB system parts usable?

2008-12-31 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Joe These should work fine. There is also a single cavity that was used in the receive line, IIRC. I have a complete system that I picked up to haul it off. The transceivers were made by SEA. Their stock answer is that they are not modifiable for any use other than what they were designed

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Astron P/S question

2008-12-08 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I had a home built power supply that would shutdown every time that I transmitted on HF. The protection system was a little different and caused the power supply to go into foldback rather than blow the fuse. It required me to shutdown the supply to get it going again. The solution for me

[Repeater-Builder] Need Info on Wilson radio

2008-10-16 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I just bought a Wilson WS201 Mobile transceiver in the hopes of using the receiver for a repeater receiver. This is a crystal controlled radio. I cannot locate any information on this radio. The FCC ID even comes back as a no find. The FCC ID is ATE9PLWS201. ATE comes back as a Regency type


2008-09-27 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
You can try lowering the antenna. You can try a better antenna, one with a better front to back ratio and better side lobe rejection. If that does not work, you can try something that we do to our microwave dishes when we receive off axis interference, place a shield near the side of the yagi

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Micor TPN1110A power supply parts ID

2008-09-19 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The capacitance may be split between capacitors to reduce the effects of internally generated heat, ESR and inductance. I would use the same number of capacitors as the engineer that designed the supply specified. I would also use 105 degree C capacitors that have the lowest ESR that I could

[Repeater-Builder] Duplexer

2008-07-27 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I have some copper pipe that is 6 inches in diameter and about 60 inches long. This came from the filters on a 25 Kw channel 4 TV transmitter. Would these work for a 6 meter repeater? I am thinking that they are a little short in both length and diameter. The feedline for the TV transmitter was

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Tower lighting on 200 foot tower - maybe off topic

2008-06-29 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The FAA requires lights on towers at 200 feet and above. In some cases, due to distance to airports, the FAA may require lights on a shorter tower. The FCC is the enforcement arm for the FAA for tower lights. I suggest that you read Title 47 part 17 to determine the requirements for tower

Re: [Repeater-Builder] For sale: Icom IC-900AE Service manual

2008-03-30 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Is this the same manual ? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:00 AM 3/30/2008, n4irs wrote: I have a VERY good condition Icom 900 service manual. The manual covers all the RF modules: UX-19A/E,

Re: [Repeater-Builder] ROSIN banded in Canada custom?

2008-03-30 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Rosin is made from pine tar. It is organic, not man made. I do not know why you would want to impregnate a transformer with this. Do you possibly mean that you want to impregnate it with tar?? Your friend google will lead you to a source for your rosin. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 08:54 PM

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Tower Installation labor rate?

2008-01-08 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I just got a quote today for $1360.00 to climb a monopole. This is $85.00 per hour for an 8 hour day for two climbers. The tower crew is a 2.5 hour drive away and they would charge us for the full day as we would kill the day for them. If they were in the area (which they often are) and are

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Off Topic (but with on topic questions):NTIA propaganda

2008-01-06 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The numbering of the digital channels is to help the people that know nothing of TV past turning it on and changing channels. The station that I work for is channel 4. Our digital transmitter is on channel 34, but, the viewers know it is 4-1. That way they do not get lost in the channels. I do

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Wow!!! only $449!!!!

2007-12-25 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
And that handheld looks a lot like the Repco unit I went to school on. It was either their 10-8 or 10-2 series. Repco sold these under a lot of different names. They could not sell them under their own name due to contract with the buyers. These sold under the RCA, Aerotron, Wabco and about

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Does anybody have the ARRL QST CD for 1975 ??

2007-12-12 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Mike I have the file. Where can I send it? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 05:20 AM 12/12/07, you wrote: If so, we'd like to add to the DB-4048 page the PDF file for the Product Review article for the DB Products DB-4048 duplexer from the June issue. Mike

Re: [Repeater-Builder] TLN 5731A - Tone Private Line Encoder

2007-11-28 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The 1A is an EIA designation. See Google is your friend. Searched for CTCSS Frequency EIA. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 05:58 PM 11/28/07, you wrote: Our Uhf Micor has a '1A' KLN6210A. What frequecy is 1A? I would like to change this to a 114.8.

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: duplexer isolation and reciever noise budget

2007-10-24 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
145.25 can be a real pain. We have a repeater on that frequency. It is CATV channel E. We always have leaks from the cable rendering the repeater useless in some areas until a call is made to the CATV plant. They go out and tighten the screws on an amplifier (left loose by the last tech working

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: duplexer isolation and reciever noise bud

2007-10-24 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
We had a 1500 watt 70 MHz circulator go bad. I disassembled it to see what failed. IIRC there were 9 capacitors and at least 3 inductors along with the ferrite ant tuning magnets. Really makes a TV transmitter quit when the circulator between driver and final fails. Quite a site to see the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Mocom 10 info?

2007-07-12 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The TLD tells me it is VHF (132-174 MHz) but I cannot tell you if it is 132-150.8, 150.8-162 or 162-174. I may be off on the 162, but the split is about there. The 2 in 8652 tells me that it is probably in the second split, 150.8-162. Look at the frequencies on the channel elements. 73 Glenn

Re: [Repeater-Builder] crystal/channel element compensation..

2007-07-10 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The last time I checked with Bomar, they put a crystal into the element, ensured that it worked and modulated correctly then send it out the door. It never went through temperature compensation. They may have changed. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 05:55 PM 07/10/07, you wrote: OK, I usually use

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Line Stretcher

2007-06-30 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
WE also use a line stretcher in TV. When you have two UHF PAs that are fed to a combiner, it is very important that the phasing of the signals be correct. We use a line stretcher in the output of the exciter to the closest PA to effectively place the PAs at the same electrical distance from

Re: [Repeater-Builder] MSR 2000 repeater NFM conversion

2007-06-19 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The receive IF filter will have to be changed and the transmitter deviation changed. There are kits to change the filters. This would probably not be type accepted for commercial narrow band use. It would be fine for services that do not require type acceptance, ie amateur radio. 73 Glenn

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Would You..... tower height question

2007-06-17 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
If far enough from an airport, 200 feet. If close to an airport, it requires a determination by the FAA. If greater than 200 feet or within a boundary as specified by the FAA, the tower has to be registered. As part of the conditions of registration, the FAA will specify what the lighting

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Would You Do This?

2007-06-16 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Tower ownership can be very costly. Does the tower require lights? If so the tower owner must ensure that the lights are maintained and operating properly. I think FCC rules part 73 cover tower lights. IIRC, an outage must be repaired within 30 minutes or be reported to the FAA. The clock

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Would You Do This?

2007-06-16 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
to be that only the tower owner was responsible. Now, everyone at the site is. Joe M. Glenn Little WB4UIV wrote: If so the tower owner must ensure that the lights are maintained and operating properly. Yahoo! Groups Links

Re: [Repeater-Builder] crystal / pll conversion

2007-06-06 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Call ICM, send them the ICOMs, they will make the crystals for you. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 01:02 AM 06/06/07, you wrote: I need to change the crystals on the repeater bought from junkyard but unfortunately I can not find the new set of receive crystals for the amateur band. Can somone direct me to

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Coax length between the TX and diplexer

2007-06-04 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The only time that you need specific lengths of cable between pieces of equipment is to cover up an impedance problem. If the impedances are correct on the inputs and outputs of the devices that you are connecting, the length of the proper impedance cable is immaterial. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At

Re: [Repeater-Builder] OT - Looking for HP scope probe ground lead

2007-04-04 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Just make one. Find a short screw of the correct thread, cut a piece of wire to the length that you need, attach a lig on one end and an alligator clip to the other. The lug should be a ring type with a hole just large enough for the screw. Place an internal star lock washer on the screw then

Re: [Repeater-Builder] 220 conversion

2007-03-21 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
If your really meant what you asked, conversion to subaudiable frequencies, 220 milliHertz, the conversion would be very difficult. If you really meant 220 MHz, the conversion should be very similar to any other radio. Basically you have to convert the front end by reresonating the coils at

Re: [Repeater-Builder] astron rs 35a

2007-02-28 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The pass transistors are shorted, unless lightning shorted the rectifiers. Hopefully the fuse was correct and blew before the transformer was damaged. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 07:17 PM 02/28/07, you wrote: my power supply keeps blowing the fuse changed the pc board i dont know where to go nent any

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Micor Ribbon Cable

2007-02-14 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I have been told that this is a known problem. The fix is to use a unified chassis. I may be able to hel;p you with a unified chassis. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 01:58 PM 02/14/07, you wrote: We have a VHF Micor and during cold weather like we have now, we loose the audio level and it seems that

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Icom Repeater Repair fun... (parts hunting)

2007-02-12 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Replace the noisy PLL LO with a quiet crystal LO. Easy surgery, better noise figure on receive and less phase noise on transmit. You probably have no need to have an agile receiver. 73 Glenn WB4UIV ARRL Technical Specialist At 01:26 AM 02/12/07, you wrote: Well... I've got an Icom IC-RP2210

[Repeater-Builder] Motorola Permakay filters

2007-02-04 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I have some, what look to be new, Permakay filters that I do not need. There is one TU540S, one TFN6022AS, one TFN6013AS and one TFN6000AS. I would like to get $5.00 each or $15.00 for the lot plus shipping. Thanks 73 Glenn WB4UIV

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: coordination question for the seasoned owners

2007-01-19 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Per ยง97.205 Repeater station. (c) Where the transmissions of a repeater cause harmful interference to another repeater, the two station licensees are equally and fully responsible for resolving the interference unless the operation of one station is recommended by a frequency coordinator

Re: [Repeater-Builder] FYI: FCC officially issues RO dropping code requirement today

2006-12-16 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
It is now just a matter of time. The problems with hams not understanding what they are doing will increase. Interference will increase. Commercial interests will petition the FCC for the frequencies. The hams will not be able to defend their desire to keep the frequencies. Now the ham

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Newbie Information Time - Mystery Signal

2006-12-15 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
IIRC QC was RCA trademark and CG was GE trademark for CTCSS. Johnson used ToneGuard for their trademark. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 05:39 PM 12/15/06, you wrote: I always thought it was known as QC for Quiet Channel or CG for Channel Guard. -- Original Message -- Received: Thu, 14 Dec 2006

Re: FW: Read: [Repeater-Builder] Stuck cores

2006-12-08 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
How fast are the cores moving that they require braking? Must have to slow them down so that they will not break with the tuning tool. 73 Glenn At 09:04 PM 12/08/06, you wrote: Well you all showed that you're computer experts, now can you get back to the topic and tell me if anybody have a way

[Repeater-Builder] Motorola channel elements

2006-12-04 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Can anyone tell me what radios the following channel elements are for? KXN1007A K1049A KXN1013B KXN1043A KXN1006A KXN1049A K1040A Thank You 73 Glenn WB4UIV

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Help in identifying

2006-11-28 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I work at a TV station that uses a Harris TV30L channel 4 TV transmitter. It has a circulator between the visual driver and PA. It is deeper that the one that you describe, but it uses type N fittings and is in the 70 MHz range. The connector indicates quality in this case. From the size, I

Re: [Repeater-Builder] First repeater and need some info

2006-11-25 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The very first thing that you need is a Radio Amateur Handbook. Read it and get help understanding how transmitters and receivers work. The next thing that you will need is a service manual on the radio that you are working on. You will need test equipment, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator and

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Receiver crystal filter

2006-11-19 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
What bandwidth? What insertion loss? A 150 MHz xtal filter with 6 KHz BW has about 11.5 dB insertion loss. A 140 MHz xtal filter with 40 KHz BW has about 5 dB insertion loss. See 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 04:19 PM 11/19/06, you wrote: Any

Re: [Repeater-Builder] RE: Need a Motorola Publication...

2006-06-01 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
R-56 should still be available from Motorola. I used it as a reference when I did design of tower site monitoring equipment. I had to specify grounding requirements. The book and / or CD is not cheap ( the same as anything else with Motorola on it). It is a good reference. MIL-HDBK-419 volumes

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Need source for RF RCA connectors

2006-05-28 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
There should be a difference in the dielectric quality. In audio any old dielectric will be fine as the upper frequency to be passed is 20 KHz or so. For RF you need a better dielectric to cut down on attenuation. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 07:55 AM 05/28/06, you wrote: OK, so how is an RF RCA

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Power Supply

2006-05-27 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Google shows that Richardson Electronics has the SO565J SCR. Further Google shows that this is a 50V 65Amp non sensitive gate SCR. Any device that meets these specs would work. Astron possibly changed part numbers with production runs as different parts were available and the cost of these

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Power Supply

2006-05-27 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
to find data, but sometimes you have to gig. Not everything is obvious. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 11:47 PM 05/27/06, you wrote: Links would help because I tried Googling SO565, SO565J, S0565, and S0565J with no such positive results. Gary Glenn Little WB4UIV wrote: Google shows that Richardson

RE: [Repeater-Builder] LMR coax

2006-04-03 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Your friend Google produced this: At 10:51 PM 04/02/06, you wrote: Since I see a topic on Coax I got this E-Mail from a Ham Friend Coax AF400, just like LMR400 for $0.35/ft. from shipped to my door for only $34.97 next day. Has anyone heard of this Coax before

RE: [Repeater-Builder] LMR coax

2006-04-03 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I sent the first one too soon! Too early, not enough coffee! Your friend Google found this: 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:51 PM 04/02/06, you wrote: Since I see a topic on Coax I got this E-Mail from a Ham Friend Coax AF400, just like LMR400

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Looking for datasheet - SD1499-1

2006-04-02 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Found this via google, not much, but something: Part Number = SD1499-1 Description = Bipolar NPN UHF-Microwave Transisitor Manufacturer = Various V(BR)CBO (V) = 36 I(C) Abs.(A) Collector Current = 13 Absolute Max. Power Diss. (W) = 218 Semiconductor Material = Silicon Package = SOT-119var

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Micro Strips @ 220 MHz

2006-02-06 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Are the transistors rate at 220 MHz? RF power transistors are made for a specific frequency range and will not operate at all well above or below the design frequency. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 11:09 AM 02/06/06, you wrote: Hello, Does anyone have a good way of measuring the frequency of PC board

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Micro Strips @ 220 MHz

2006-02-06 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
The selective frequency information comes from the engineers at EIMAC. When I toured their plant a number of years ago, I asked about the frequency selectiveness of the transistors. The engineer told me that a UHF transistor will not work at VHF. The impedances are wrong as well as the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Loss through adaptors:

2006-02-03 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV Lists some of the military codes to indicate who made an item. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 03:15 PM 02/02/06, you wrote: I think the biggest problem that we face is that our adaptors tend to not have a pedigree. I have some that I know were from Radio Shack,

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Crimp versus Clamp Connectors

2006-02-01 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
How did the installer get the braid ring installed backwards? In all of the Type-N connectors that I have installed on RG-214, The braid ring is relived so that it seats at the end of the insulation with the braid coming through and being fanned out. The person that installed the braid ring

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Single repeater antennas vs. dual-band repeater antennas...

2006-01-29 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Why would you mount the second antenna upside down??? Is this to keep the coax to the two antennas close together and gain the loss through the coax to the upside down antenna?? Is it to ensure early failure of the upside down antenna because of moisture buildup?? Is it to cause the signal to

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Squeeling Problem Resolved!! (I hope)

2006-01-25 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Another possibility is condensation. The amplifier heats up and moisture in the air condenses during cool down. Contaminants in the air and on the surface of the boards cause conductive paths. The boards were properly cleaned after any soldering on the boards? Flux is hygroscopic and becomes

[Repeater-Builder] Duplexer building

2006-01-10 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
It looks like I will soon own some scrap copper or brass rigid coax. This is 3 to 4 inches in diameter, in 20 feet lengths with flanges on both ends. The TV station that I work for is going to be scrapping this. Does anyone have a need for some to possibly make UHF or higher duplexers/filters

Re: [Repeater-Builder] putting a bigger heat shrink on a radio?

2005-12-13 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
What is a heat shrink?? 73 Glenn At 09:20 PM 12/12/05, you wrote: Heres a question for someone to answer, IF you were to take say a gm300 45 watt radio and take say a lowband heatshrink from a maxtrac would the bigger heat shrink help disipate the heat better or would it not make a diference?

Re: [Repeater-Builder] FS: RCA Super Carfone 500 Series

2005-12-09 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Are these the radios that have the instant heat filaments and melt the solder on the tube socket when the mic is left off hook and the filaments stay on constantly? Thanks 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 11:12 PM 12/08/05, you wrote: I have available for sale several RCA 500 series Super Carfone UHF

Re: [Repeater-Builder] What equipment is needed to tune a repeater duplexer?

2005-11-21 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
To tune the duplexer correctly requires q VNA (Vector Network Analyzer). This will ensure that you have the duplexer at the correct frequency and impedance. You can tune a duplexer to about 90% of it's ability with a spectrum analyzer and a tracking generator. You can do a fair job with the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] mobile repeaters

2005-11-16 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
What band? For VHF, it would be very difficult, even if only on one channel due to duplexer size. For UHF, the duplexer is doable, however, it would have to be retuned when you change frequencies, so, not practical. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:41 AM 11/16/05, you wrote: I am curious,what would

Re: [Repeater-Builder] repeater antenna connection

2005-11-12 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Use properly installed type-N connectors, then seal. I have undone connectors that have been properly installed and used in an ocean front environment for 20 years. The connectors are as bright and clean as the day they were installed. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:39 AM 11/12/05, you wrote:

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Repeater Grounding

2005-08-08 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Here is a good link. That one did work just before I sent the link. Here is a link that is working: 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 09:51 PM 08/08/05, you wrote: Glenn, I went to the below mentioned link and it comes back with page not

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Repeater Grounding

2005-08-06 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
: Glenn Little WB4UIV [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 8:51 AM Subject: Re: [Repeater-Builder] Repeater Grounding Down load a copy of MIL-HDBK-419 Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding for Electronic Equipments and Facilities

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Repeater Grounding

2005-08-01 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Down load a copy of MIL-HDBK-419 Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding for Electronic Equipments and Facilities , this is the military handbook on grounding. It is large and in two volumes about 812 pages. One is theory, the other is practice. Covers grounding for

Re: [Repeater-Builder] coax question

2005-07-31 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
For what frequency, power, intended use? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:13 AM 07/31/05, you wrote: Hi, Just a question to ask what type of coax which you would recommend? Thanks Yahoo! Groups Links Yahoo! Groups Links * To visit your group on the web, go to:

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: coax question

2005-07-31 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
:33 AM 07/31/05, you wrote: Hi Glenn, VHF highband and 25 watts --- In, Glenn Little WB4UIV [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: For what frequency, power, intended use? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 10:13 AM 07/31/05, you wrote: Hi, Just a question to ask what type

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Anybody have the ability to scan microfiche?

2005-07-09 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I also have the LBI library on microfiche. I have copied some at the library onto paper, but the quality is not real good. I suspect that the microfiche is not going to produce great PDF files, but much better than nothing. My set is also available for reproduction to PDF. I have been looking

Re: [Repeater-Builder] OT Burned Attenuator

2005-07-07 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Laryn How many of each do you need and what size are they? What attenuator are these in? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 11:34 PM 07/07/05, you wrote: I have committed the unforgivable sin in RF world. I transmitted into my step attenuator and burned up some precision resistors. kicking self now What

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Repeater heard on Aviation Channel! HELP

2005-07-05 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Is your repeater on 145.035? 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 09:48 PM 07/05/05, you wrote: Ok, the situation is that my repeater is being heard by commercial aircraft on 132.950 Mhz. At first they was able to identify one user of the system, this was in June. Then again the repeater was heard on June 22,

Re: [Repeater-Builder] UHF Micor (mobile) spur

2005-07-02 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Paul 910 Kc is twice the 455 Kc IF. Possibly there is a clue here. Motorola had problems with spurs in the Metrum VHF ham transceiver. It also used one crystal for both transmit and receive. I guess that this is a good data point as to why mobiles should not be used as repeaters. The repeater

Re: [Repeater-Builder] OT-IFR 1100 Info?

2005-06-21 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Paul, You might try [EMAIL PROTECTED] This is the test equipment reflector that I found. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 11:20 AM 06/21/05, you wrote: Hello, I know this is a bit off topic but I need a service manual for a IFR 1100 S, is there any message groups out there that may be able to help?

Re: [Repeater-Builder] RS Astron up to 15 volts, will it be ok

2005-06-07 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
If the Astron supply has a crowbar installed, the supply will have very little headroom before the crowbar shuts it down. You can probably change the detection circuit for the crowbar so that you have a volt or so of headroom at 15 V. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 08:28 PM 06/07/05, you wrote: Can an

Re: [Repeater-Builder] What is Q? and what is Q control?

2005-06-06 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Q is figure of merit. The Q of a circuit determines how selective it is. In a filter the Q would be an indication of the slope of the skirt. The higher the Q the sharper the slope of the skirt and the more rejection available to the filter. In a capacitor it is how lossy the capacitor is, the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] HJ9-50 loss

2005-06-05 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I was told that cable starts to act like lossy waveguide when the cable gets large and the frequency get high. I now see that good RF cable manufactures and sellers now publish the upper frequency limit when they publish loss for larger cable. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 09:50 PM 06/04/05, mch wrote:

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Owners manual for Motorola Triton Nautilus 440 Marine radio

2005-06-01 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Does the connector look like this? View in courier font. ___ ___ | \/ \/ | | ooo | | | | ooo | ___ If so I can provide the probable pinout. It should have plus 12 volts, ground and a jumper between two pins for the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola APCOR

2005-05-22 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Al The APCOR unit came in a number of flavors. Could be MT-500 or MX-3XX or some other HT as the transmitter and receiver. IIRC there is a 10 Watt PA. The duplexer is usable. The unit should be 10 frequencies and 10 PL tones. Probably the PL tones are selectable separate from the frequency.

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Poor Repeater RX

2005-05-20 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Is the preamp in a shielded box? Is the power to the preamp via a feedthrough capacitor? How does the repeater perform without the preamp? What does the transmitter look like on a spectrum analyzer? How does the repeater work with a simple 1/4 wavelength vertical? Is all of the cable going into

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola Micom SSB 100 Mobile Radio Manual

2005-05-13 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
I will see if I still have a manual. What frequencies are you using? I volunteer for the local Red Cross. 73 Glenn WB4UIV At 07:00 PM 05/13/05, you wrote: This is off base for repeaters BUT I'm looking for a manual for the Motorola Micom SSB 100 mobile HF radio to finish off a local Red

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Caution on Bomar Crystals

2005-05-10 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
If you cannot afford International, you cannot afford to put a repeater on the air. Repeaters can get to be costly. Being a good neighbor is very cheap insurance. Poor crystals = being a possibly bad neighbor (causing interference or being off frequency). Good quality every thing in a

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Noise on 50MHz repeater

2005-05-05 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
Matt The low band equipment that has noise blankers receive on a nearby frequency and use the impulse noise that it sees to reduce the noise on the channel if interest. They invert the signal from the nearbuy frequency and apply it to the channel of interest. This would apply to broadband

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: 6-m Repeater

2005-04-28 Thread Glenn Little WB4UIV
These sound like CATV equipment where they received one channel and translated it to another. Since these appear to be UHF out, there would be little that could be use on 6 meters. If you has something that was channel 2 in, you would have circuitry that could be made to tune 6 meters for

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