RE: [Repeater-Builder] Duplexers

2010-08-31 Thread ka9qjg
Wow this must of Really been a Dumb question , No one answered it Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of ka9qjg Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 9:07 PM To: Subject: RE: [Repeater-Builder

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Duplexers

2010-08-31 Thread ka9qjg
OK Great , Thanks to Everyone who answered , I will sleep better now one less thing to worry about Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 12:51 PM To: repeater-builder

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Duplexers

2010-08-30 Thread ka9qjg
Will the Duplexer have any problems inside with Condensation from Heating up in use and Cooling down Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola Maxtrac Help

2010-08-22 Thread ka9qjg
to set it up too. I have a feeling the Radio has a Bad Switching transistor inn this Ckt . Thanks in Advance Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of Richard W. Solomon Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 10:25 AM

[Repeater-Builder] Motorola Maxtrac Help

2010-08-21 Thread ka9qjg
in Advance Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola Maxtrac Help

2010-08-21 Thread ka9qjg
Thanks Dick , it is Conventional I think VHF to be used as a link , He said He can program it for Low but not High Thanks Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of Richard W. Solomon Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 12:51 AM

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: the non religious Jesus Nuts

2010-08-20 Thread ka9qjg
And I am the Nut who added to this Post Only because I did not know what it Meant 73 De Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of skipp025 Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 4:38 PM

RE: [Repeater-Builder] unsubscribe

2010-08-13 Thread ka9qjg
Hate to see Ya Go but if You must here is one More You will get , You subscribed and You have to Unsubscribe Yourself unless You get kicked off , At the Bottom of the Page You will see Where to do it You can also set up how You would like to receive the E-Mails 73 De Don KA9QJG From

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Sorry everyone

2010-08-11 Thread ka9qjg
You had a Great Vacation Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of Dave E Stephens Sr Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 8:19 AM To: Subject: [Repeater-Builder] Sorry everyone so i got on here

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Antenna coax length

2010-08-03 Thread ka9qjg
Greg , That is the Same as LMR-400 Put that in the Calculator and Check I did not see your Freq posted , Good advice use one piece Connectors /splice Etc . will give a big loss depending on the Freq hope this helps Godd Luck PS Trees are great at

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Digest Number 7357

2010-07-28 Thread ka9qjg
. They also had some Fancy Motorola HT-220 Scan Etc. Kits , I think this Co is the Same People Check the site lots of old memories on it I also think Our Member Ted at was involved with this place I think Don KA9QJG From: Repeater

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Invar Rods

2010-07-15 Thread ka9qjg
Glen , I know some will think If I am to dumb to know what they are , Then I do not need them . But I still would like to know in layman terms what is a INVAR Rodif I was guessing Maybe something that goes in a duplexer Thanks Don KA9QJG From:

RE: [Repeater-Builder] question for commercial radio shops

2010-07-13 Thread ka9qjg
could not do it , So they had someone get on E-Bay and ordered a 25 Watt FM Transmitter and outside ant and have been on the Air for 2 Yrs . They have almost the coverage of My 2 Repeaters Good Luck Don KA9QJG PS Being a nice Person and helping do something illegal Can

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: question for commercial radio shops

2010-07-13 Thread ka9qjg
Meant a lot to the First Astronauts with Communications that is how it got started I think , I forget if it was a Pre or after Transmission Don KA9QJG Nothing if you're name is roger. Smile emoticon From: Larry Horlick Sent: Tuesday, July

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: question for commercial radio shops

2010-07-13 Thread ka9qjg
Had a Member of the Group send Me a Link direct , I thought I would share it then We can get back to repeater Building before We get hollered at lol Don KA9QJG From: [mailto:repeater-buil

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Silver plating of cavities advice please?

2010-07-12 Thread ka9qjg
Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Looking For MSR2000 UHF RX and TX Boards

2010-05-16 Thread ka9qjg
30 Yrs ago , of pallets of Motorola Equipment being sent to the Dump because Mother M Did not want them back in service to lose money , I looked and Looked Never did find that dump Ha Ha Good Luck Don KA9QJG From: [mailto:repeater-buil

RE: [Repeater-Builder] A warning to Land Mobile Radio Dealers

2010-04-29 Thread ka9qjg
MHz More info on Murs at And the fact that almost everyone is selling Bubble Pack FRS/GMRS 22 Freq Radios and People unknowing interfering with Lic GMRS Repeaters that is bad too Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: crimping assistance please

2010-04-12 Thread ka9qjg
Amphenol Connectors I was looking through them and He ask You like the old dirty ones , I said yes I could just clean them up, He said well You can have the whole box for $ 5.00 Dollars I gave Him the money and Smiled all day at the hamfest . Don KA9QJG From: Repeater-Builder

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Slightly OT: How are folks taking audio from multiple ...

2010-04-10 Thread ka9qjg
I also used the Amp Motorola Speaker , I Have Alternator Whine Because I use the Same Source for the Scanner and Speaker . Also I found out if I key up on 10 or 6 Meters I get Audio Feedback , The Non Amp Motorola Speakers work great too Don KA9QJG From: Repeater-Builder

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Problems reaching the RB website sigh

2010-04-08 Thread ka9qjg
I do not know if it related But a few days ago I upgraded to Goggle Chrome and I have had nothing but problems including this ever since, I did the Add and remove for that then My shortcuts would not work . I know nothing is wrong with this site so I just click OK Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] The Repeater Builder website....

2010-04-08 Thread ka9qjg
Well Kevin as Usual You and the people who run this very helpful group were right on top of this from the beginning and did a Great job of resolving the Problem It is appreciated by all Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG PS Sometimes in life We do not miss things until

[Repeater-Builder] 2 Meter Bandpass Filter

2010-04-05 Thread ka9qjg
Length of cable from this to the Radio have to be a certain length . This will be a link not a Repeater. Decibel VHF 6 Repeater cavity filter 148-174 DB4001-1 Or would something like this Be better Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] 2 Meter Bandpass Filter

2010-04-05 Thread ka9qjg
So the answer is YES the Decibel VHF 6 Repeater cavity filter 148-174 DB4001-1 Will tune right to 144.315 and not lose the Specs it would Have at 148 ? And dos the Length of the Coax going to the Micor /Mobile have to be cut at a Certain Length Thanks Don KA9QJG From

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Are people on ebay nuts?

2010-03-27 Thread ka9qjg
Well some just do not know , be Thankful We have this wonderful group that educates us He also has a $900 Antenna Happy repeater Building Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of kc7stw Sent: Saturday, March 27

RE: [Repeater-Builder] SS-32M Tone Encoder

2010-03-27 Thread ka9qjg
Randy I think it is on the This Site Good Luck Don KA9QJG From: [] On Behalf Of Randy Fisher Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2010 4:58 PM To: Repeater

[Repeater-Builder] OT TAPR President Emeritus Dr David Toth, VE3GYQ (SK)

2010-03-03 Thread ka9qjg
FYI Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to all His Family and Friends 73 De Don KA9QJG TAPR President Emeritus Dr David Toth, VE3GYQ (SK) David Toth opened the 2008 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Convention. Watch the video

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Fw: FCC RO Involving the Amateur 70cm Band

2010-03-03 Thread ka9qjg
Well if this is it I had guessed on the Price But close I will Get that little Sucker with My 440 HT Who will be the First do get the WARA Award Worked all Robot Award 73 De Don KA9QJG Got the auction number? On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 9:30 PM

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola cabinet key wanted

2010-02-24 Thread ka9qjg
Thank You , I now have a Shortcut on My Desktop to that and Even on My USB Thunbdrive and 3 1/4 floppy disk , Yes some still use them and that has nothing to do with old age lol Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG This is what you saw - and this is what you are looking

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola cabinet key wanted

2010-02-23 Thread ka9qjg
not find it. Oh well just wait Some of you will catch up soon , My favorite saying is that it's Great as We get Older to learn something New every day it is remembering it is the problem PS Please tell Me that I am not just making this up Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Bend an ICOM a little further

2010-02-17 Thread ka9qjg
KA9QJG On Feb 16, 2010, at 9:57 PM, KE4ZDG wrote: Hey folks, I'm working on a GE Mastr II high band repeater. Someone gave me some crystals that were made up for 146.010 RX. I installed one in an EC ICOM and the best I can adjust for is 146.0064, which sounds really scratchy when

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: OT Kenwood TM-3530A T Tones

2010-02-14 Thread ka9qjg
. but I can hear them from the int Speaker but not in the Carrier . I did the Adjustments to increase them but nothing is heard any Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Just a Crazy Thought - With a Crazy Answer or Two

2010-02-12 Thread ka9qjg
Skip that sounds like the making of a good redneck song , I will send that to My daughter in Mo LOL Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG Re: CB Radio Band Repeaters and Remote Base Operation Location, vandals, wanna be FCC police types, angry hams, angry CB'ers, bad equipment

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Just a Crazy Thought

2010-02-11 Thread ka9qjg
from a 10 Meter Repeater , Except not legal in the US Now back to our Regular Program Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] 220 repeater

2010-01-01 Thread ka9qjg
, It just keeps Working and Working , And You are not forgotten Help is always only a E-mail or Phone call away . Good Luck Don KA9QJG From: [

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Min II filters needed

2009-11-13 Thread ka9qjg
Scott, check out You know Lefty You know Lefty also check Here PS The custom Made by You 220 Repeater is still working Great Good Luck Don KA9QJG Fellows, I'm on a quest for Minitor

RE: [Repeater-Builder] cdm1550 220 mhz

2009-09-29 Thread ka9qjg
I have also heard of this being done and Liking anything Motorola Please Let Me know what You find out Don KA9QJG Anyone have the correct info on expanding this to 222-225 mhz ham?How about the rare codeplug AAM25MNF4DP5AN ?

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re:Diplex antenna installation using coaxial cable for 10M and 6 M

2009-09-12 Thread ka9qjg
I just picked up the X-9000 For 6 and 10 is it possible to use 2 Single antennas one for 6 and one for 10 and use a mobile duplexer If so Who makes the duplexer Thanks Don KA9QJG In looking at the original message in this thread, I have used the absolutely most simple

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Getting mice out of a repeater sight

2009-08-01 Thread ka9qjg
Chuck is correct , But if anyone is really interested in this Just Goggle it and also U-Tube it is all the WWW Enough said on this Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG There was no attachment - it was a text description. Chuck WB2EDV Anyone got a pic

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Need to pay someone to properly install repeater system in our school

2009-07-23 Thread ka9qjg
Don KA9QJG We converted an old Kroger grocery store into a charter school. The building has metal roofing and lots of steel beams, making it very difficult to get a good signal on our Nextel and AtT cell phones. So far we have installed antennas and amplifiers, to no avail. We would like

RE: [Repeater-Builder] RE: Lightning Protection

2009-07-10 Thread ka9qjg
I use Polyphasers on both My repeaters. How do you know when they fail , Do you automatically loose the signals or as they take different nearby strikes or do they gradually deteriorate the signals Which might make you think of other problems. Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Where to install my repeater antennas

2009-06-27 Thread ka9qjg
I may be wrong and you will a lot of answers on this, But I think on the Same Tower and at only 40 ft the Xmit will dense to much without a duplexer , And I feel it is always better to be able to receive so that would be My highest ant Good Luck Don KA9QJG 444.750

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Noise on UHF

2009-06-18 Thread ka9qjg
KA9QJG PS Sorry if this has already been brought up

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Help ID Fan Control Board Kit

2009-06-02 Thread ka9qjg
needed for Building Repeaters too 73 De Don KA9QJG For some other sites on this go here:

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Tripplite Inverters

2009-05-28 Thread ka9qjg
And other Digital signals , The RF Hash was so bad on My Icom 706 Mk-2 It blocked most Signals on HF . The design may have changed since then but that was My experience Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Help Identifying Matrix in Mastr II

2009-05-26 Thread ka9qjg
channel Anyway that is what it looks like Good Luck Don KA9QJG ,_._,___

RE: [Repeater-Builder] maxon enduro prog

2009-05-21 Thread ka9qjg
Ted , Have You checked with I think You have know them for Years , If they Don't I am sure they will know someone Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] GM300 repeater build ?2

2009-05-13 Thread ka9qjg
it I think I use some rubber mounting Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola Service Monitor Extender cards

2009-04-16 Thread ka9qjg
Can someone Please put what this is in Layman Terms I have the Micor Unified Chassis and I have a 2000C Ser Monitor What is this Card for , Sorry I just would like to know Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Repeater Kerchunk

2009-03-16 Thread ka9qjg
it once you know who you are , and where in the Heck did this Word KERCHUNK Originate from We all know what it means Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Motorola Rib

2009-03-16 Thread ka9qjg
Ralph it is Probably on this site somewhere if Not check here Hope that Helps Good Luck Don KA9QJG ___

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Repeater Kerchunk

2009-03-15 Thread ka9qjg
. And other Freqs when You are not being Interfered with, it is Sad to say but Sometimes it turns out to be a Ham that No one would ever suspect. Good Luck look in the Files in this Group I do recall info regarding this Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: How about a Freq list for the new DTV channels

2009-03-07 Thread ka9qjg
to put in Your address Just put in Your ZIP And it will show what's in your area. Hope this Info Helps Someone Good Luck Don KA9QJG PS Match the Ch numbers with the Freqs

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Heathkit Distortion Analyzer

2009-03-05 Thread ka9qjg
to the People who dos all the hard work and shares with others Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Which Motorola Mobiles Do 29 MHz?

2009-03-04 Thread ka9qjg
Me TOO On the Broadband Antenna set up Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Decibel folded dipole

2009-02-07 Thread ka9qjg

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Tower Identification

2009-01-11 Thread ka9qjg
Chuck that looks like a Ham Ant beam, Do You know who the Person was that owned it , They might know Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Weather Alert Radios...

2009-01-10 Thread ka9qjg
__,_ I use this NWS Receiver Good Price and Tech support if needed , Also I got tired of waiting until Every Wed for the NWS To send A Test to make sure the Unit was Turning off and on Properly , So I was able to obtain the Test files and use My

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: OT- Digital TV converter box issues

2009-01-08 Thread ka9qjg
Not wanting People to know Who or where We live then We get a Ham Plate . Look around on the Site for other Communications info Maps Etc 73 De Don KA9QJG Check it out http://www.tvfool. com/ Have you ever wondered what television signals are being broadcast in your

RE: [Repeater-Builder] OT- Digital TV converter box issues

2009-01-08 Thread ka9qjg
on it . Thanks for the Bandwidth, No pun intended Don KA9QJG ___

[Repeater-Builder] OT But Useful Site

2008-12-31 Thread ka9qjg
is at the Bottom of the Page FCC Registered Cell Phone Towers FCC Registered Antenna Towers: FCC Registered Commercial Land Mobile Towers FCC Registered Private Land Mobile Towers FCC Registered Microwave Towers: FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses: FAA Registered Aircrafts: Don KA9QJG Wishing

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: fan timer circuit

2008-12-21 Thread ka9qjg
a mouse tried to get closer to the warm heatsink. His carcass jammed the fan blades and got dessicated with the heat. Burt Lang VE2BMQ Yes I guess that could Happen , I live in a City and My 6 Month old Fridge quit working , Well of Course bring a Ham Some of us including Me thing We can

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Hustler G7-220

2008-10-21 Thread ka9qjg
Ray go here __,_._ Download the PDF of the Ant Hope this helps Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG, ___

[Repeater-Builder] Shutting Down Battery Back up

2008-10-19 Thread ka9qjg
to do it Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] LMR-400 Cable

2008-10-02 Thread ka9qjg
Tom, I don't think it is Your Coax , I use 75 Ft of LMR-400 on a 220 Repeater 130 Watt Amp G-7 I have this set up at the site and at home for testing and Never have had a problem , I do intend to up grade to a Better low loss Coax , But at 6 Meter 60 Ft would be fine I think You will get

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Antenna recommendations 220

2008-09-30 Thread ka9qjg
I have not tried anything but the G-7 , I have 2 Up and Never had any Problems , I will also be watching the answers You get . Good Luck

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Bridgecom repeater

2008-09-29 Thread ka9qjg
Jed I have never heard of them but being nosey I did a Search Maybe some else on Hear will actually know more Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Micor TPN1110A power supply parts ID

2008-09-18 Thread ka9qjg
their limitations Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG ._,___

RE: [Repeater-Builder] LMR Crimping Tools

2008-08-31 Thread ka9qjg
Looks like a great deal are You sure it is the ratchet Type, I checked not to long ago for some at Tessco Prices sure are a lot higher Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Long Shot !

2008-08-28 Thread ka9qjg
Robert E-Mail or call Ted at He might have them Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Yahoo hiccup????

2008-08-26 Thread ka9qjg
, and will be in the messages area forever for reference . Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Ham Repeater Manufaturers

2008-08-21 Thread ka9qjg
Hello Dave the info is Right here on the Repeater Builder site and in the Messages Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

[Repeater-Builder] DB Product 4 Bay Antenna

2008-08-11 Thread ka9qjg

[Repeater-Builder] 'Sex Offenders' post/topic - CLOSED - please let's move on

2008-08-10 Thread ka9qjg
,_I started this topic and would like to Say Thanks for all the Input , I will Contact the FCC And get a Answer so Please lets Move on and build some Repeaters 73 De Don KA9QJG __

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Registered Sex Offenders

2008-08-09 Thread ka9qjg
__,_._,_ Thanks Mike , Points well taken As Everyone know we live in a Society where Everyone is suing someone , That is why I was trying to find out a actual FCC Ruling on this if Any 73 De Don KA9QJG __

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Who's fixing Service Monitors these days?

2008-06-14 Thread ka9qjg
I really had Great Service from Bob at Fortunately it was only a Couple hour drive to drop it off and pick it up , This is where the Pros go for the FCC And Military Certification . Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Simulating a weather alert

2008-05-28 Thread ka9qjg
This is What I have used for about 3 Yrs Now it will Come on When the NWS Sends the Sig and Will Close a Relay at the End of Transmission Automatically , Now with the You can use Design Your own Connection to Your repeater Sense Line, Timer Etc . Great Tech Support and I even had them

RE: [Repeater-Builder] mice at repeater sights

2008-05-23 Thread ka9qjg
Never had any Problems with Mice, But plenty with 2 Legged Rats, LOL

RE: [Repeater-Builder] mice at repeater sights

2008-05-23 Thread ka9qjg
stopping it from working . Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Sunday at Dayton - Part Deux

2008-05-20 Thread ka9qjg
individuals involved Well that made it more confusing, I should have of listened more in School 45 Yrs ago Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Preamp Info Wanted

2008-05-16 Thread ka9qjg
Or more of Attenuation, it Has only happened twice in 5 Yrs. I do Not know if they are all like that. Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] More on Copper theft

2008-04-22 Thread ka9qjg
running Causing lots of Damage Just my Thoughts on the Subject Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] More on Copper theft

2008-04-22 Thread ka9qjg
Well that Picture sure put Things in Perspective Only one Comment Unbelievable I guess the Old Saying a Picture is worth a thousand words is True in this case Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] More on Copper theft

2008-04-22 Thread ka9qjg
and on and on , Plenty of People out of Work , Children to feed . Not that any of this is right and it is an Excuse. Hope things Change soon Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Bad adapter

2008-04-20 Thread ka9qjg
That Picture give the Term Low Loss Coax a New meaning, what an idiot who ever it was , Thanks for posting I would of not believed it had I not seen the Pic Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Bad adapter

2008-04-19 Thread ka9qjg
grabbed the Box Full and never looked back USE Good Connectors or You will pay for it later. PS I Also have seen People who would Still stand there knowing they were getting a Great deal and still try and get the Person to sell cheaper , Ha Ha Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] manual search motorola r2210b

2008-04-13 Thread ka9qjg
Ted , in case You do not get any info on that Manual, I E-mailed this Place for Mine and this was the Reply Good Luck Don KA9QJG This was from the company below . I have a Motorola R2001B Operation/Maintenance manual in stock for RENTAL only All manuals are complete

[Repeater-Builder] Battery back up

2008-04-02 Thread ka9qjg
tripped over to Battery Power. Go easy on the answers and especially the comments And I don't want to hear any Locals in My area talking about Me on the air I will be listening Ha Ha Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Battery back up

2008-04-02 Thread ka9qjg
Thanks to everyone for all the Helpful info; I have enough now to make a intelligent Decision on how to approach the project Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: looking for a UHF repeater

2008-02-19 Thread ka9qjg
The only Problem in Having the repeater builders Kevin and Scott Makes it for You the way You want it , is When You get it back and put it at a Site You never get to see it anymore it just keeps on working and working well unless Mother Nature gets You Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: looking for a UHF repeater

2008-02-19 Thread ka9qjg
of us Older Techs hate to admit our Limited ability's of Steady Hands and good Eyes. And let the Pros on here do it . Just a Satisfied Customer 73 Don KA9QJG _._,___

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: This is carrying home brewing to the extreme....

2008-01-04 Thread ka9qjg
__, This was real interesting and I wanted to share it , But a lot do Not know how to convert it to English , and I don't know enough about computers to Save it and then post the Converted URL If this is Possible Please let Me know E-Mail direct if want Thanks Don KA9QJG _._,___

RE: [Repeater-Builder] New QRM on 220 MHz.......?

2007-12-30 Thread ka9qjg
. Happy and Safe New Year to All Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] National Radio Quiet Zone

2007-12-27 Thread ka9qjg
would still like His Job But I bet He has Few friends in that area other then the ones He works for . 73 De Don KA9QJG _

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Wow!!! only $449!!!!

2007-12-22 Thread ka9qjg
needed to be touched for 20 Yrs . Just jerk them out and throw them in a trunk of a New Vehicle. Happy Holidays to All Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Motorala Model Number TA9KM+067W

2007-11-25 Thread KA9QJG
Roger, You can find the diagram of the cables here And probably on this Group , I was not brave enough to try and make one and smoke My radio So I Bought one on E-Bay . Good Luck Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] A couple of questions

2007-11-19 Thread ka9qjg
learned My lesson more is not always better , Now if someone wants to put the Reason in Layman terms that would be nice too Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG

[Repeater-Builder] AC Line Conditioner

2007-09-27 Thread Don KA9QJG
what’s coming in. on the AC, I also have Great grounding and a Poly Phaser on the Antenna Side. Thanks Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Re: NFCC votes to recommend FCC treat all repeaters as repeaters

2007-09-22 Thread Don KA9QJG
We have some youngsters on Here, I t was ask what is a Desoto, It is a Special Made Quad Band Repeater Duplexer No Tuning only kidding Desoto Happy Repeater Budding Don KA9QJG

RE: [Repeater-Builder] 220 link radios

2007-09-20 Thread Don KA9QJG
or not, but maybe with the Lead Toy problem that was in the News Who knows . Happy Repeater Building Don KA9QJG _,___

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