Re: [request-sponsor] change of sponsor for 6394677

2010-03-29 Thread Bonnie Corwin
On 03/25/10 12:10 AM, Frank Batschulat (Home) wrote: I'd like to indicate a change in sponsor for: 6394677 ufsrestore cannot restore file ACL from: myself to: thanks! Thanks for the information - tables are updated. Bonnie

Re: [request-sponsor] 6913911 rge with rtl8169sc hanged in test05 of nicdrv

2010-05-13 Thread Bonnie Corwin
Both updates made: 6913814 and 6913911. Thanks. On 05/10/10 12:24, Garrett D'Amore wrote: This CR was closed not reproducible. Please remove it from the request sponsor table. -- Garrett ___ request-sponsor mailing list

Re: [request-sponsor] 6777077 and 6777085

2010-05-13 Thread Bonnie Corwin
These have been moved from the 'suspended' list back to the 'in progress' list. Thanks for the update. On 05/10/10 10:23, Viswanathan Kannappan wrote: Hi There is a change in contributor for these CRs and please update them accordingly. Details below: New Contributor Details