Re: [Resin-interest] j_uri sanitising

2009-02-16 Thread Aaron Freeman
Richard, This is a guess on my part, but perhaps you want a Custom Security Constraint. This page shows an example of setting up constraints: So here is a tact you might try .. I didn't try to compile this so it's probably loaded with errors:

[Resin-interest] Resin 3.1.8 Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details

2009-02-16 Thread Rafael Escolar | Bookassist
Hi, I'm migrating from resin 2.1.16 to resin 3.1.8 and my logs are plenty of: [16:39:58.275][16:39:58.275]Note: /home/automat/www/bassist/WEB-INF/ work/_jsp/_bookassist_0admin/ uses unchecked or unsafe operations. [16:39:58.275][16:39:58.275]Note: Recompile with

[Resin-interest] [ANN] VTD-XML 2.5

2009-02-16 Thread crackeur
VTD-XML 2.5 is now released. Please go to  to download the latest version. Changes from Version 2.4 (2/2009) * Added separate VTD indexing generating and loading (see