[Resin-interest] Using SSL client certificates with Resin 3 and JSSE

2006-10-09 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! Is it possible to require client certificates when using Resin 3 and JSSE? OpenSSL configuration offers a verify-client tag, but how about JSSE? -Kai ___ resin-interest mailing list resin-interest@caucho.com

Re: [Resin-interest] resin problems with the jsp taglib

2007-02-02 Thread Kai Virkki
Use different taglib prefix in the included pages, that should do the trick. -Kai On 2/1/07, Murthy ch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am new to resin websever.I am facing some problems when i try to use resin as webserver for a webapplication we developed. I am getting the following error when i

Re: [Resin-interest] Error

2007-02-11 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! What kind of url-pattern do you have defined for the servlet(s) of your application in web.xml? I googled a bit and found out that people have been getting this exception because the servlet that uses RequestDispatcher to forward to jsp page has an url pattern that matches the dispatch

Re: [Resin-interest] Problem loading acegi filters

2007-02-17 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! This used to work in Resin 3.0.x versions, but it seems that 3.1 uses a different XML parser settings or something... -Kai 2007/2/15, Pablo Saavedra [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I solved it :). Had to change value org.acegisecurity.util.FilterChainProxy /value to

Re: [Resin-interest] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/caucho/make/PersistentDependency

2007-04-23 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi, I've experienced the same errors. If I remember correctly, you can get rid of this error by deleting the Resin work directory. cheers, Kai 2007/4/18, John Steel [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Getting this when jsps are recompiled using 3.1, with 3.0.23 they were ok. After the error the webapps

[Resin-interest] Weird log messages about JniSelect add-native failing

2007-05-29 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! We're getting following messages to the jvm.log with Resin 3.0.15: [08:01:20.953] JniSelect: add-native failed 7036 - -1 for TcpConnection[id=resin-tcp-connection-*:80-149,socket=JniSocketImpl$18322855[1238601824],port=Port[null:80]] Is there any reason to be worried about them? Has anyone

Re: [Resin-interest] ActiveMQ with Resin 3

2007-07-24 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! Did you get this solved? I just created a javax.jms.MessageListener and am now trying to get Resin to read messages from an external ActiveMQ. No luck so far... :-( There doesn't seem to be too much documentation about Resin and JMS. I also need to get it to work with WebSphereMQ. Anyone??

[Resin-interest] Getting Resin to work with Terracotta

2007-07-31 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! I'm trying to get Terracotta clustering to work with Resin. My problem, when starting up Resin 3.0.23 with Terracotta 2.4.0 is, that I get the following exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Classloader name not set, instances defined from this loader not supported in Terracotta

Re: [Resin-interest] Getting Resin to work with Terracotta

2007-07-31 Thread Kai Virkki
I asked this same question on the Terracotta forums, so more information can be found there: http://forums.terracotta.org/forums/posts/list/244.page regards, Kai 2007/7/31, Kai Virkki [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi! I'm trying to get Terracotta clustering to work with Resin. My problem, when

[Resin-interest] Why is session unbound called after cluster failover?

2007-10-31 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! I noticed that the issue with unBound being called is fixed from 3.1.2 - 3.1.3. 0001820: valueBound isn't called on load from persistent store anymore but valueUnbound still is called on save We have the same problem on 3.0.23. Could it be fixed to the production branch too? best regards,

Re: [Resin-interest] Why is session unbound called after cluster failover?

2007-10-31 Thread Kai Virkki
, because I need to release some resources when user session REALLY ends, not when one of the nodes dies. Is there any work-around for this weird Resin behavior?? How can I listen to the session FINALLY ending in a cluster?? regards, Kai 2007/10/31, Kai Virkki [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi! I noticed

Re: [Resin-interest] Why is session unbound called after cluster failover?

2007-11-05 Thread Kai Virkki
the user session. I'm not so sure about the HttpSessionBindingListener's valueUnbound, but maybe it should work the same way as the other session listener does. regards, Kai 2007/11/2, Scott Ferguson [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Oct 31, 2007, at 6:44 AM, Kai Virkki wrote: And to add to this, I

Re: [Resin-interest] 3.0.25 Update

2007-12-09 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! From caucho.com, go to Bug Track - Change Log - Search for text 3.0.25 and you should see the changelog. If you're lucky, the mantis bug tracker is up and running, it always isn't :) Cheers, Kai 2007/12/9, T.A.C. [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I can't find the change log on the Caucho website for

Re: [Resin-interest] Input Sanitization

2008-06-22 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! There isn't any easy way to protect against XSS attacks and I don't know of any Servlet containers that would offer you any solutions to this. But there's a nice library called OWASP AntiSamy that you could use to validate user input: http://code.google.com/p/owaspantisamy/ If you don't

Re: [Resin-interest] Input Sanitization

2008-06-24 Thread Kai Virkki
? -a -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Kai Virkki Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 10:32 AM To: General Discussion for the Resin application server Subject: Re: [Resin-interest] Input Sanitization Hi! There isn't any easy way to protect

Re: [Resin-interest] req.getParameterMap() sequence

2008-08-27 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! There isn't any guarantee on the servlet spec that the request parameters should be given in any specific order. That's why the getParameterMap-method returns a Map, i.e. not guaranteed to be ordered. I really don't understand why you'd want to get the request params in the order of their

[Resin-interest] Problem with rollover logs

2009-03-10 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! I just migrated from Resin 3.0.15 pro to 3.1.8 pro and have a problem with log rollovers on Windows. I have defined the logs like this into web-app-default: stderr-log path=${resin.home}/../log/app.log rollover-size=1kb/ stdout-log path=${resin.home}/../log/app.log rollover-size=1kb/

Re: [Resin-interest] Problem with rollover logs

2009-03-11 Thread Kai Virkki
, at 14:08, Scott Ferguson wrote: On Mar 10, 2009, at 1:58 PM, Kai Virkki wrote: Hi! I just migrated from Resin 3.0.15 pro to 3.1.8 pro and have a problem with log rollovers on Windows. I have defined the logs like this into web-app-default: stderr-log path=${resin.home}/../log/app.log

Re: [Resin-interest] Session-timeout in web.xml has no effect

2009-03-11 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi Heimo, I'm using 3.1.8 Pro and have following configuration working: session-config session-timeout30/session-timeout /session-config This gives me max interval 1800 with your logging code and that is 30 minutes, as promised. So, at least 3.1.8 works, haven't ever used 3.17a

Re: [Resin-interest] where to download Resin 2.1.x ?

2009-04-11 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! By trial and error, I could find out the following download links for 2.1.x http://www.caucho.com/download/resin-2.1.11.zip http://www.caucho.com/download/resin-2.1.17.zip but be fast with the downloads; Scott might remove them soon! ;) Cheers, Kai 2009/4/10 Robert Hume

Re: [Resin-interest] Problem with rollover logs

2009-04-16 Thread Kai Virkki
PM, Rob Lockstone wrote: On Mar 11, 2009, at 12:32, Scott Ferguson wrote: On Mar 11, 2009, at 1:50 AM, Kai Virkki wrote: Hi all, I did some more investigation and it seems that if I remove the Pro license, the rollovers start to work! So, this has definitely something to do with the Pro

[Resin-interest] Resin 3.1.9 service restart fails in Windows

2009-04-23 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! In Windows command-line, there is no such command as net restart to restart a service, but in the Services GUI there is a button for this. I guess it just does STOP and START in sequence. It seems that Resin only stops itself, but doesn't start. So the result is that Resin is stopped, but

[Resin-interest] Security Manager and JSPs

2009-08-25 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! We are trying to use SecurityManager with Resin 3.1.9 and run into the following problem: CodeSource.getLocation() returns null for compiled JSPs. This means that we cannot use a specific codebase in grant clause in our policy file, for example: grant codeBase

Re: [Resin-interest] Security Manager and JSPs

2009-08-27 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi, Is it really so that nobody uses JSPs and SecurityManager with Resin? :) Could this problem be solved by pre-compiling jsps to Java classes? Now we just let Resin handle the compilation from directories under WEB-INF. Cheers, Kai 2009/8/25 Kai Virkki kai.vir...@gmail.com: Hi! We

Re: [Resin-interest] Cookie security over SSL (https) connections

2009-09-10 Thread Kai Virkki
Hi! Have you tried using ssl-session-cookie configuration? Here's the documentation: http://caucho.com/resin-3.1/doc/cluster-tags.xtp#ssl-session-cookie Cheers, Kai 2009/9/9 Abhinav Gupta abhi...@appirio.com: Hi All, This problem is regarding cookie security over SSL(https). We are

Re: [Resin-interest] Resin V Glassfish

2009-11-28 Thread Kai Virkki
Well, JBoss already has a CDI implementation called Weld, so Resin really isn't exceptional in this account. CDI is actually based on JBoss Seam and Google Guice. Cheers, -Kai On 27.11.2009, at 12.10, Wesley Wu wumen...@gmail.com wrote: As long as Scott continue to work for the Resin's

Re: [Resin-interest] Multi-Part request error when using HmuxRequest in Resin 4.0.2(GA)

2009-11-30 Thread Kai Virkki
Resin 4.x is a development version, so it's not supposed to be used in a production environment anyway :) Cheers, Kai 2009/11/30 Wesley Wu wumen...@gmail.com: Without this bug fixed, 4.0.2 can't be used in production environment. I use two machines with two resin as a load balance cluster,