Re: unix client?

2001-03-08 Thread matt barkdull
A linux client is in Beta right now, but no final is out. is there a client for backing up datafiles on a Unix server? -- -- To subscribe:[EMAIL PROTECTED] To unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Archives:

Re: Basic Configuration (Was: Re: Retro)

2001-03-08 Thread matt barkdull
For the Macs, I made a bootable CD with Retrospect client installed and configured. 1. Boot from CD 2. format the hard disk, 3. Restore from network backup 4. Reboot system...Done. Depending on how much data, it can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours. I just can't push that tape any faster...

Re: ARCserve vs Retrospect Server Backup

2001-03-07 Thread matt barkdull
My department has two DLT4000 drives, one connected to a Mac and the other to a PC. The one connected to the PC is an autochanger. Both work flawlessly with the current versions of Retrospect and OS's on the machines. We switched from Arcserve on the PC to Retrospect and have never looked

Re: Retro

2001-03-07 Thread matt barkdull
Well, comments first, solution second. Comments -- I personally use full backup on weekends and incrementals through a week. If you are dealing with single large files that change daily, then an incremental would do wonderful. (Yep, I too have a

Speed and Amount

2001-03-06 Thread matt barkdull
It has been asked quite a bit about which backup medium is the best. Well, there are really two questions you need to ask yourself: 1. How much time do you have to backup everyone you need to? 2. How much data is being backed up? Ok, so a couple more questions can also be asked... 3. How

Re: tape or hard drive?

2001-02-24 Thread matt barkdull
I don't think the DDS-3 drives will read the DDS-1 tapes, but will read the DDS-2. Basically this means they are one step backward compatible. DDS-3 will read/write DDS-2 DDS-2 will read/write DDS-1 DDS-1 cannot read/write DDS-2 DDS-2 cannot read/write DDS-3 DavidRoss wrote: I like the HP

Re: user deferred?

2001-02-23 Thread matt barkdull
make a new thread for it. On 2/22/01 8:50 PM, "matt barkdull" wrote: Nobody but me even close to the Mac, and the Mac doesn't even come up and give the dialog box asking if they want to defer or not. Went back to the server after about 10 minutes and the log said "User Def

Re: user deferred?

2001-02-23 Thread matt barkdull
I had a Mac that repeated the problem every night until I went up and rebooted it. After about 4-5 days, it started again. These are all single user machines and are semi-secured when the user is not sitting in front of them. At night, all the doors are locked. This problem normally

Re: user deferred?

2001-02-23 Thread matt barkdull
Those are every 6 minutes. I too, thought it was the users not quiting Eudora because Eudora has that "Say OK to alerts after 2 minutes", but I trained my users to quit all applications every night. Below is my log file from Retro 4.3 running on a B/W G3 OS 9.0.4. The client was an iMac OS

Re: Transfer Rates - Dantz Help?

2001-02-23 Thread matt barkdull
Don't quote me on this, but I think it is the source. That is, the amount of data read from the source drive, before compression. Which would make the most sense because that is the real number that people need to look at. Matt Can someone at Dantz answer this please? Thanks David Ross

Re: G4s and error 519 - AN UPDATE

2001-02-22 Thread matt barkdull
Here's an oddity. I used to get a lot of 519 errors when I had DAT tape changers, but since switching to DLT I hardly have any problems and the problems I do have are directly related to the end users machine. I ran DLT on a mixed 10BaseT with Hubs and switches for about 6 months before I

Re: user deferred?

2001-02-22 Thread matt barkdull
I've seen this happen with MacOS 9 and Multiple users installed and running. I removed Multiple users from all the Macs I use and it now works fine. Perhaps Dantz has a better solution though? I was just looking through my log file and I notice that there are a lot of entries for a user that

RE: user deferred?

2001-02-22 Thread matt barkdull
Does anyone know why this happens? What is going on? Sounds like the user clicked "Defer" and then didn't enter a time. The only problem with this theory is that the users are not at their desk when it happens. Believe me, that's one troubleshooting step I took. I walked up to their

Re: Configuration of Energy Saver for Retro-Client

2001-02-05 Thread matt barkdull
Answered my own question, it actually started earlier. Check out: Are there special configurations needed in Energy Saver? Will retro-client wake up a Mac from sleep? In a word: no; Retrospect (nor any other program) will wake the

Re: Space

2001-01-30 Thread matt barkdull
I'll look for that, I just happened to get FMP 5 the other day. What about someone who does not have FMP though? Unless I'm missing something, you can do this using the Retrospect Event Handler and the FMP template that is included with Retrospect. The event handler passes most of the


2001-01-29 Thread matt barkdull
Ok, here's a feature request that I've been looking around in Retrospect... An easy way to find out how much was backed up off of a certain client without having to add up all the backup numbers in the log. Meaning, a week ago I started a new backup. It did a full backup over the weekend

RE: no subject provided

2001-01-28 Thread matt barkdull
Backup Server is a function of Retrospect. When a machine appears on the network, it will start backing it up as soon as it can. Starting on Page 70 of the Retrospect Desktop manual, it has an excellent description of backup servers and their uses and benefits for laptops. Thanks, SB

RE: Retro Server 5 on NT 4

2001-01-26 Thread matt barkdull
What operating system? On the Mac, you can boot from the Retrospect CD, I believe. I usually take that opportunity to do a clean install though. On the Mac, I'll do a clean install of the current OS and then restore all the files into a sub-folder and then move them out as needed. All of

Re: Backup server question

2001-01-19 Thread matt barkdull
Instead of using volumes to backup, use selectors. Meaning, each folder you are backing up is viewed as a volume, so Retrospect finishes the backup for that volume and then restarts for the next folder. By using selectors instead, you can have it backup the users volume, but using selected

Re: Backup server question

2001-01-19 Thread matt barkdull
Ok, I'm going to see if I can clear this up. You probably don't have this problem Steve. It looks like he is creating separate backups for each folder. Meaning, each folder on that one client is acting like another client. Therefore, after the first one is backed up, and the machine is

RE: Backup server question

2001-01-18 Thread matt barkdull
Essentially, here's what you want to do: 1. Create a backup server script (AutomateScriptsNewBackup Server) that backs up notebooks all the time (the default). 2. Create another backup server script that backs up desktops between 8PM and 8AM only. 3. Create a third script that's a regular

Re: Mac OS 9.1 FYI

2001-01-11 Thread matt barkdull
Strange oddity... I did a new backup last night and of the 10 machines it backs up, only 2 were a complete backup. Strange thing is that it excluded a bunch of files that it was not suppose to. I do have some selectors: exclude: filename contains AppleShareIP Mail or filename

RE: ASIP 6.3.3

2001-01-09 Thread matt barkdull
I've seen similar messages over the past few months of people upgrading. Both on this list the AppleShareIP list as well as another list I am on. This is growing concern that there may be something not working correctly with G4's and ASIP and OS 9. All are running current versions of

Re: ASIP 6.3.3

2001-01-09 Thread matt barkdull
Thanks for the link, however I think the problem is specifically with G4 Macs. People upgrading a perfectly working G3 machine to a G4 experience this problem. I personally have not experienced it. I'll keep my ASIP server a G3 until all of the desktops are upgraded to G4 or better machines

Re: best way to run retrospect with multiple stations on network

2001-01-05 Thread matt barkdull
Yes, it is possible. Since the AppleTalk can be on a different interface than the TCP/IP, just set the AppleTalk control panel to use internal and the TCP/IP to use the card. I was just wondering - this is just a thought. Would it be possible to have retrospect backing up through two netwrok

Re: best way to run retrospect with multiple stations on network

2001-01-04 Thread matt barkdull
What are you getting now for the backup times on the local machine? That's a pretty good indication of the top speed of your system usually. If the log shows 15MB/Min, just take the total amount backed up and divide it by 15MB and you will get the total minutes it takes. So, for 8-10GB you

Re: Win-Paths

2000-12-29 Thread matt barkdull
I've Retrospect server v4.2 running on a Macintosh machine and it's backing up both win mac clients. I specified a certain folder that Retrospect should backup by including the pathname (eg. C:\windows\profiles or C:\My Documents) that matches the folders. However, that didn't work.

Re: Mac OS x

2000-12-18 Thread matt barkdull
This was asked on another list and I speculated that: No, it is not available yet. They are beta testing a Linux version of the client software right now, it would not be much of a stretch to go from that to Mac OS X, so I would say that it is just around the corner. Hi All, Just a quick


2000-12-14 Thread matt barkdull
Ok, I've got another strange problem. We are in the process of moving our backups from an older PC to a newer PC. We installed Windows 98v2 (not my choice, but we had to) and did all the Windows updates. Installed Retrospect 5.0 and now when Retrospect is running, the floppy drive just

Strange Days

2000-12-13 Thread matt barkdull
Strange problem: Setup: Backup Server: PowerMac 9600/G4-450 Quantum DLT20/40 Asante 10/100 NIC MacOS 9.0.4, minimal set of extensions. Switched 10/100 ethernet - all clients are 100BaseT Full Duplex. Mixed environment of G3 Macs with MacOS 9.0.4 and Pentium III Windows 2 running Windows


2000-12-12 Thread matt barkdull
Ok, I've got a question. My Mac that does the backups locked up over the weekend and so last night before I left I told the computer to TOOLS-REPAIR-UPDATE FROM EXISTING CATALOG. I knew it would take a while so I decided to just leave it running last night. I came in this morning and the

Re: uplinking slowdown

2000-12-07 Thread matt barkdull
Did the speed decrease happen between the backup switch and the basement switch? or was that within one switch? Take a look at duplexing if you are crossing over the switches. Make sure everything got set to either half or full (one OR the other). Be sure that the duplexing between the

RE: Ultimate Speed?

2000-11-29 Thread matt barkdull
Where are you getting this speed from? (log?) What does Retrospect say your speed is? It's 14MB/second... per minute would be s slow! :) I'm looking into it further. Steve -- -- To subscribe:[EMAIL PROTECTED] To

Re: Beige G3 and 10/100

2000-11-24 Thread Matt Barkdull
I usually disable the Apple Enet when using third party cards anyway. The other two should have no effect on the NIC operation. I'm wondering if the NIC was also flakey. One problem I've found with Asante and Farallon is the 1 in 20 failure rates. Both have lifetime warranties, so it's not

Re: Beige G3 and 10/100

2000-11-24 Thread Matt Barkdull
Oh, BTW - Asante's first 10/100 PCI cards (rev A) sucked big time. They worked fine in a PC, but in the Mac they were flakey, specially when connected to non-asante switches. In particular, Cisco switches. -- -- To subscribe:

Re: G4s and error 519

2000-11-22 Thread matt barkdull
Mmmm. OK, check the connection speed and duplex setting to the hub/switch in Apple System Profiler. Hmm, You know, this one got me. I was not aware of any program that would get speed and duplex on a Mac. I just checked Apple System Profiler (version 2.4.4) and it don't show me. Maybe

Re: G4s and error 519

2000-11-22 Thread matt barkdull
I'm a different person than who brought up the initial issue. I was asking this for my information. Thanks! The Macs I have are older and they do not have the 10/100 built in. Beige G3/300 and a 9600/G4-450. Mmmm. OK, check the connection speed and duplex setting to the hub/switch in

Re: Suggestions for backup design

2000-11-17 Thread matt barkdull
I agree with Mr. Gardner on this as well. Something else to consider though is that 22.5MB is the total you have now, but when you do incrementals onto the same media, that total can get much higher depending on the data that changes. For example, I have a user that edits photo's that are

Re: ASIP 6.2 and Retrospect 4.2A Client

2000-11-15 Thread matt barkdull
Matt, you need to make sure you put a filter in there to not backup the mail database. Otherwise it will lock up every time. Do an Exclude filter on "AppleShare IP Mail" database This worked for me. Of course, it's not backing up the mail database. There is a script that Dantz supplies

Re: ASIP 6.2 and Retrospect 4.2A Client

2000-11-15 Thread matt barkdull
Retrospect should not corrupt anything. The worst case is that the mail files will not be backed up. Why? Retrospect does a scan of the volume and reads in all the names and modification dates. If the modification date is changed between the scan and when the file is actually suppose to

RE: Opinions of Onstream Echo drives

2000-11-09 Thread matt barkdull
One of the problems with DAT drives is that they are sensitive to abuse and dust. Not very rugged. I've got a DAT drive that has been well taken care of and it works perfectly. Although our department has had 6 APS/Sony autoloaders of which 3 of them went back for repairs twice, and only 1

Re: DAT Loader failures: secret revealed!

2000-11-09 Thread matt barkdull
This is interesting, but I don't think I've ever had a DAT failure due to bad heads. Most of the autoloaders we have have the problem with the autoloader itself. Pull the DAT drive out of the autoloader and it works fine most of the time. We did have one drive go bad, but it was related to

Re: Recommend CD RW drive for Retrospect Express Mac

2000-11-02 Thread matt barkdull
Just a note: I believe APS uses the Yamaha mechanism as well. Greg Morin [EMAIL PROTECTED] asked: Sorry to bother the list with this, but I need some recommendations for a CDR or CDRW SCSI drive that works with Retrospect Express on a mac. I recently bought an external SCSI Yamaha CDRW

RE: OT Re: Difference Between v4 v5 [addendum]

2000-10-25 Thread Matt Barkdull
This can be said about a lot of software though. Even Windows itself must have significant user intervention to be upgraded. Major issue, but no real solution. Under WinNT and Win2k you can kill the process and start it back up again which works fine. It's too bad the software won't do this

RE: tape capacity

2000-10-24 Thread Matt Barkdull
I'd like to say that I am not knocking Retrospect in the very least. This discussion on compression started by a feature suggestion. Retrospect is the best backup software on the market. I say that without hesitation because our department has tried at least 2 others and they quite frankly

Re: Retro Mac And VXA Drive

2000-10-24 Thread Matt Barkdull
While these are excellent steps, the order can vary depending on circumstances and resources. New installation, for example, try device on another computer would be up higher in the steps for me because I do have access to many computers that I use for testing and it would be quick and easy

Re: tape capacity

2000-10-23 Thread Matt Barkdull
Ok, explain to me...I took a 220MB system file and compressed it down to 28MB. And to recover any one file would require the whole archive to be decompressed.. Actually, if you buy the full version of StuffIt Deluxe, it can retrieve individual files and add files to the end of it as well.

Re: tape capacity

2000-10-20 Thread Matt Barkdull
One word: Compression. Native capacities are with no compression. For example, your 12GB drive can hold up to 12GB of un-compressed data. Normal hardware compression can get up to 2:1 compression, giving a total maximum of 24GB. Reality check, I've been getting about 27GB onto a 20GB/40GB

Re: tape capacity

2000-10-20 Thread Matt Barkdull
Ok, explain to me...I took a 220MB system file and compressed it down to 28MB. Obviously this is lossless as I can recover individual files from within it that are things like extensions, fonts, etc. I admit, JPEG, MPEG, etc. are lossful, but modems have been doing v.42bis compression which

RE: Colorado T3000

2000-10-18 Thread Matt Barkdull
Logically illogical. If you have no need to back up significant amounts of data, this is fine. backing up to another hard disk seems ludicrous to me. CD's just don't hold enough. Jazz would be real expensive. Of course, I've seen people buy a second hard disk to "backup" their data and

Re: dying server

2000-10-17 Thread Matt Barkdull
Do you have the mail function of ASIP running? Do you have a filter set in Retrospect to not backup the mail folder? I can guaranty that if you are trying to backup that folder, that's where it is locking up. Mine did the same thing. Fortunately, I have a very low volume mail server so

Re: Macintosh Retrospect server migration

2000-10-17 Thread Matt Barkdull
I've done this many times. Retrospect Folder and the Retrospect Preferences. You will need to go into each backup script and tell where the storage set is now located as well. Important step. The backup will not happen if you don't. I plan to migrate our Macintosh v4.3 Retrospect server

Re: OS9 and Retrospect 4.3

2000-10-10 Thread Matt Barkdull
Ben, is this the first time you tried it? The DLT4000 requires the Advance Driver Kit (ADK) from Retrospect. If it worked before, you probably already have it. Look in the Retrospect folder for the file called "Advance Driver Kit". If it is not there, you need it. Hi all, I just installed

[OT] Re: clones and PowerPC computes

2000-09-29 Thread Matt Barkdull
I should mention that the 7200 is upgradable as well thanks to Sonnet and Newer. The PowerBase, while based on the 7200 motherboard, made many significant improvements on the original design, including the ability to upgrade the machine easily with the addition of a daughter card processor,

Re: VXA Mac Tool

2000-09-28 Thread Matt Barkdull
Yep. And most used the 7200 as the basis for that equivalency. And the 7200 was Apple's answer to Packard Bell. lol. The don't wanna-be Performa? 7200 as built was as stable as anything else. It earned it's bad reputation based soley off of the fact that it was hard to upgrade. For it's

Re: VXA Mac Tool

2000-09-27 Thread Matt Barkdull
I'm running it on a beige G3 300MHz desktop. I wouldn't trust a Power Computing system as a backup server...those are the Packard-Bell of the Mac clone world. Actually, most of the motherboards are the same as the Apple equivalents. They changed other things like floppy drives and CD-ROM

Re: Hourly Network Checks Revisited...

2000-09-26 Thread Matt Barkdull
The problem appeared when the laptop's user took it to a foreign network and they changed something in the configuration. I've been attempting to locate what changed. I suspect the laptop is attempting to use NTP from the date and time control panel (however, this does not cause the dial-up

Re: Hourly Network Checks Revisited...

2000-09-25 Thread Matt Barkdull
I'm a bit confused here. You mean to tell me that Retrospect _client_ will cause dialups? Strange that I have not had that problem at all with either of the laptops that I've had, and I do have dial on demand checked on both. Now, if the server looks for a machine, I can see that waking up

Re: Backing up Appleshare server

2000-09-22 Thread Matt Barkdull
What really bothers me is earlier versions had a mail management tool that you could look into the file with. The nice thing was that, for example, my ASIP Mail file is about 60MB in size and I have no idea why. I only have three users using it, one being me. Nobody is set to "leave mail

Re: Advice requested: tape system

2000-09-18 Thread Matt Barkdull
I like VXA. Tapes hold 33 MB before compression, I'd be changing tapes every 3 seconds!!:) typo. Should be GB. -- -- To subscribe:[EMAIL PROTECTED] To unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Archives:

Re: Hubs/switches

2000-09-17 Thread Matt Barkdull
More clearing up... Jim's description on how an auto-sensing hub works was excellent. and here's some other thoughts. The data transfer between any two devices will only happen at the speed of the slowest device. So, a Mac talking to a switch at 100bps will talk to the switch at that speed,

Re: Backup option recommendation..please.

2000-09-07 Thread Matt Barkdull
Cesar Morales [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: you think replacing the monumental BackupExec with Retrospect on our servers will make life easier here at sysadminville? We recently switched from that beomoth ArcServe program to Retrospect. For starters, we didn't have to buy the $400 add


2000-08-28 Thread Matt Barkdull
Title: Re: DHCP and PCs...FEATURE REQUEST... You know what would be really cool to do, is to tie AppleTalk and TCP/IP into the Retrospect Clients. This seems like it would work real well for DHCP clients to have both AppleTalk and TCP/IP talking to the server. Why? AppleTalk could be used to


2000-08-25 Thread Matt Barkdull
My new system has worked great for the past 4 months. No flaws at all. PowerMac 9600/G4 (upgrade) Asante 10/100 card 192MB RAM OS 9.0.4 Retrospect 4.3 Quantum 4000 DLT Every night it backs up about 10 machines. The other night it gave me a sense code error that related to dirty heads, so I

Re: DDS4 drive eating tapes

2000-08-21 Thread Matt Barkdull
Will tape drives ever be reliable? As long as they are mechanical devices, no. But you can get closer to perfection... I had nothing but troubles with 4mm drives. In the department I am in we've had lots of 4mm DAT drives go belly up. In the meantime, our Linux guru keeps plugging away

Re: Some more feature requests

2000-08-20 Thread Matt Barkdull
On this subject of feature request, I've got a rather simple one. When running a backup server, the window displays last backup, when the next backup is due, and a date. I'd also like to see in the summary window which backup set the client belongs to. Currently you have to click on the

Re: Tape Drive Compatibility

2000-08-18 Thread Matt Barkdull
I think you missed my point here. I'm not arguing that Dantz *should support* parallel drives...I'm merely suggesting that if they're not going to support them, they should state it explicitly in all 'supported devices' documents so people like me don't purchase incompatible drives. Regards,

Re: Tape Drive Compatibility

2000-08-17 Thread Matt Barkdull
My only point here, and I know I'm taking a while to get there, is that Dantz might want to consider being more specific regarding *which version* of the Colorado drive it supports. I did a search on the document for 'parallel' just in case I missed a disclaimer in the document. It could be

Re: Virtual PC restored

2000-08-16 Thread Matt Barkdull
I think this was just discussed but when I clicked the link for the archives it just gave me a list and no way to search. Here's the short of it. Restored drive, now virtual PC says it wasn't properly installed... Is there a "proper" way to restore it? or am I stuck? The installation

Re: OS9/TCP/Sonnet problem...

2000-08-16 Thread Matt Barkdull
Actually, that was one of the 1st things Dantz recommended, but it didn't help. Ok, how about the settings for screen saver and energy saver? I've got a screen saver on my Mac and one on a Windows 2000 box that when they kick in, it kills the network downloads. I know that energy saver

Re: OS9/TCP/Sonnet problem...

2000-08-16 Thread Matt Barkdull
Retrospect is just using a protocol, be it TCP or Appletalk, to do it's job, right? Maybe it's a question of how Retro. _uses_ that protocol. Anyone from Dantz want to jump in here? Before blaming Retrospect, try transferring a very large file from one mac to the other and see if it really

Re: CPU speed vs. Network speed?

2000-08-16 Thread Matt Barkdull
Greetings, I just got off the telephone with a client who was asking me to upgrade their backup system. They are currently using retrospect 4.3 on a Mac IIsi via 10BT on a switched 10/100 ethernet (client 10, servers 100)to their DDS3 tape drive. It seems that the IIsi is dying rather

Retro Speed

2000-08-16 Thread Matt Barkdull
Either will probably cost more than the computer is worth. Set up the 6100 as is to see where the bottleneck is. If it's the network, 10Base-T tops out at about 60-70 MB/min. througput. If you're not getting close to that (I think we averaged about 40 MB/min. This is interesting to me. I'm

Re: Retro Speed

2000-08-16 Thread Matt Barkdull
1999, Power Mac G3/300 (blue), AIT, shared 10Base-T ethernet, 59.2 MB/min. backing up an iMac, 229 MB/min. backing up the server 2000, Power Mac G3/300, AIT, switched 10/100 ethernet, 347.6 MB/min best throughput, 207 MB/min. backing up the server Dan Knight, information systems manager

Re: Retro Speed

2000-08-16 Thread Matt Barkdull
Back up rates differ using: G4/ 400, DDS-4, shared 10Base-T Ethernet. 80 MB/min on first volume, 187 MB/min on second volume, and 93 MB/ min on third. All three volumes on server. What would cause the difference in the speed? 80 to 93 is not much, but the 187 would almost indicate that you

Re: OS9/TCP/Sonnet problem...

2000-08-15 Thread Matt Barkdull
If I remove the Crescendo card from the remote or disable the driver for it, the problem goes away. If I keep the hardware as it is and switch to backing up over Appletalk, the problem goes away. A 6100 without a Crescendo will have a spotless backup record until I install a Crescendo in

Re: a simple (admittedly newby) question

2000-08-14 Thread Matt Barkdull
In making selectors, when using file size as a selector criteria, you get a choice as to: - file size on disk - file size used I'm going to guess just to see if I am correct... 8?) -file size on disk- is the amount of space it takes on the original media (ie. Hard Disk).

RE: tape strategy question (old topic)

2000-08-11 Thread Matt Barkdull
Same thing appears when backing up a local folder on the server. --- Server: desktop gray G3, mac os 8.6, a VXA drive connected through motherboard SCSI. thanx, / jakob I'm curious, when you say "server" do you mean AppleShare server? What other software you have running here? --

Re: Newcomer Questions

2000-08-10 Thread Matt Barkdull
* DAT Tape drive - DDS3 or DDS4 attached to a PowerMac 7300, probably Sony (or LaCie which I think uses a Sony mechanism), no particular reason to go with Sony. * Retrospect 4.3 with clients on each of the Macs. I've had a lot of problems with the Tape changer put out by Sony. The one I have