Re: Retrospect 5.0 PC w/ OnStream

2000-01-24 Thread Matthew Tevenan
Victor, Retrospect 5.0 does not yet support backup to any Onstream drives. We're still working to qualify these drives on the Windows side, though we hope to introduce support soon. As soon as Onstream releases their latest Mac firmware updater, however, Retrospect Mac (version 4.2 with the RDU

RE: *Remote task when not hooked to network on shutdown

2000-01-24 Thread Michael Selewach
Matthew, What is the current status of this? Last time I talked to someone at Dantz tech support they said that it had been reproduced in the lab. Thanks, Micheal At 03:32 PM 12/7/99 -0800, you wrote: Reply to: RE: *Remote task when not hooked to network on shutdown Hi Greg, We've seen this

Re: Retrospect 4.2, OS9, and DLT?

2000-01-24 Thread Craig Gaevert
I was having a real problem until I added the latest driver update, the one specifically for DDS-4 drives. While that update may not apply to DLT drives it sure solved some serious crashes with OS9 and Retro 4.2. I think it may have fixed some things other than just DDS-4 drives. You may also