Script to Shutdown/Resume 4D on Client?

2000-02-21 Thread Workingmacs
I'm wondering if anyone could point me to an existing script to shutdown and resume a 4D Server that is running on a machine with Retrospect Client. The User Manual suggests using QuicKeys or AppleScript to force 4D to write the data cache to disk. The closest thing I've been able to find is

Re: Moving To A New System and Backups

2000-02-21 Thread Erik Ableson
On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 11:04:12AM -0600, Chris Chapman wrote: The new system will not contain a backup drive, as it is a thin rackmount system (IBM Netfinity 4000R). What is the best way to perform network backups of a Linux based PrimeBase system? Is it possible for me to run Retrospect

Retrospect hangs up when changing Tapes

2000-02-21 Thread tobias reister
We use a PM9500 with OS 8.5.1 and a DLT-4000. Every time when we have to change tape while restoring files, Retrospect and the Computer hangs up. The tape rewinds and just before the DTL gets to green, the Computer hangs up. Does anybody know this problem? Thanks tobias -- Tobias Reister Haas

Retro for Win Regcopy

2000-02-21 Thread Dean Brissinger
Do I need to use regcopy if I run the Windows version of Retrospect with 5.0 clients? I remember hearing a discussion that you do not need Regcopy.exe unless you are backing up using a Macintosh. Also, I've been successfully backing up Windows machines to Retrospect on a Mac

License manager

2000-02-21 Thread Geoffrey Lee
I've been getting some bizzarre behaviour from the license manager. Retrospect 4.2(Macintosh): Two strange things happened recently that I can't find an explanation for. As I understand it, when a new client is entered into the database, the license manager should automatically allocate a free

RE: nt permissions

2000-02-21 Thread Greg Jewett
To make sure that you are going to get those settings and permissions backed-up, make sure that you immediate/or scheduled script has the option to backup the NTFS permissions (a setting under the Windows Client options). Also you definitely want to make sure that the registry and other

Re: Yamaha 6416 fix

2000-02-21 Thread Ben Liberman
Any news yet on the firmware update which Yamaha were alleged to have delivered to Dantz to address the problems with the 6416 CD-RW drive? Yamaha said, 3 1/2 weeks ago, that they would have it on their web site in a few weeks... I'd give 'em a few more to polish it :-)