Re: Backup Server Questions

2000-05-18 Thread Ben Liberman
While this is a good way to prevent redundant backups of the same client at short intervals, Retrospect is still constantly polling the network when Backup Server is active. This is how it's able to know when you've set your client to "Back Up ASAP." The "back up every..." setting applies to

Time for backup at home

2000-05-18 Thread Daniel Knight
Much as I'd love to put a VXA or AIT drive on my home network, I don't want to spend that much money on the drive. I've had enough bad experiences with DAT and DAT-II drives that I've ruled out that option. It seems to be coming down to NS-20 and Onstream ECHO 30. DRIVE NS-20 ECHO

Re: E-Mail Windows Reports

2000-05-18 Thread Malcolm McLeary
Hi Dean, on 19/5/00 1:24 AM, Dean Brissinger at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way to get a batch file (running Retrospect on NT) to tell me the machine name [and Retrospect container name] of what's being backed up? The example scripts do not tell me the machine name. My Retrospect

RE: Backup and Compare Performance ... lots of small files

2000-05-18 Thread Rob Davies
Title: RE: Backup and Compare Performance ... lots of small files I'm not familiar with this particular backup device but it sounds like the read head is out of alignment with the write head. To eliminate other causes we would 1. clean the heads 2. run a short test backup/ compare/ restore

RE: Time for backup at home

2000-05-18 Thread Craig Isaacs
Drive cost $550 $630 Tape cost $60 $50 For that kind of money, why not just buy a refurbished iMac, put NetPresenz on it, and use it as an ftp storage set repository? Just a thought... Tape has higher capacity, which lets you keep more files and more versions of those