Re: Retrospect and OS 9

2000-08-24 Thread Ken Gillett
At 4:16 PM -0700 23/8/00, Irena Solomon wrote: Because the Retrospect application and preferences are associated with a particular user account, Retrospect is unable to function in unattended mode if a user is not logged in. This is disappointing. Is it also the case with Retrospect on NT? How

Retrospect and DualBoot

2000-08-24 Thread Adam Hill
Is there a way to get the Retrospect server to recognize that in a Dual Boot configuration, each Retrospect client is NOT a *different* client? I don't have a problem with burning two client licenses, I just want to have my backup run exactly the same in Win98 and Win2K, whatever OS I happen to

Re: Retrospect and DualBoot

2000-08-24 Thread Irena Solomon
On dual-boot Windows systems, you have to install the Windows client software twice¬čonce for each operating system. You may install the client either into the same directory under each operating system or into a different directory for each operating system; neither choice has an impact on the

Re: Error

2000-08-24 Thread Irena Solomon
You're probably receiving error -1017 when running automatically because the Retrospect Launcher service (the service that allows Retrospect to autolaunch) is configured to log in as a user that does not have access to this network volume (I'm assuming this is a Microsoft Networking volume).

Re: Error 102 since upgrading to 4.3

2000-08-24 Thread Irena Solomon
Hi Ben, Error 102 occurs when the Macintosh's CPU loses contact with the backup device. The most common cause is improper SCSI termination, but it can also be caused by other issues on the bus. I would recommend going through some basic SCSI troubleshooting to isolate the problem: * Run a

Problems with APS HyperDAT IV Pro2 LVD and Retrospect

2000-08-24 Thread Andrew Cunningham
I had been using a APS HyperDAT Pro IV ( a Ultra Wide SCSI device with a SONY DT-1000 mechanism) with retrospect 5.11 on an NT 4.0 SP6 machine for about 9 months time with no problems at all. Unfortunately the drive "died" chewing a tape in the process. APS is replacing the drive under warranty,