Windows 2000

2000-01-26 Thread Craig Isaacs
Anyone using Retrospect 5.0 with Windows 2000? If so, would you please reply to me offline? Thanks. Craig [EMAIL PROTECTED] _ Craig Isaacs Dantz Development Corporation

RE: my @$$ is saved

2000-02-25 Thread Craig Isaacs
Woo hoo! Thanks, Luke. It always helps to hear *why* we do what we do. Craig -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Luke Jaeger Sent: Friday, February 25, 2000 1:31 PM To: retro-talk Subject: my @$$ is saved Just another ordinary

RE: Backing up FileMaker Pro 5 on a PC

2000-02-28 Thread Craig Isaacs
"Very soon now" Retrospect will be able to do an action before a volume is backed up and then another action after the volume is backed up. You could use that feature to stop a database, do the backup, and then start the database back up. Craig (Of course, this list will be the first to hear

RE: Backing up FileMaker Pro 5 on a PC

2000-02-29 Thread Craig Isaacs
I hope Retro will be able to tell a CLIENT to do something (like run a batch file). That would be REALLY helpful if I could turn off virus software to speed the client up... ... or tell a client to exit Outlook 2000 (since the other versions will back up cleanly)... That would be good,

RE: nt permissions

2000-02-16 Thread Craig Isaacs
If I do a full backup of any ntfs parition with retro server 5 will the security/permissions of all files backed up be saved and restored if needed? I'm fairly confident it will, I guess I just need confirmation and assurance of the process from someone with experience of the process. maz

RE: PC clients

2000-03-10 Thread Craig Isaacs
? If you have more than a hundred clients and you want your backup window to be as small as possible, get a fast 2 processor system with 512MB of RAM. Craig _ Craig Isaacs Dantz Development Corporation

RE: How do I buy upgrade for Retrospect Mac???

2000-04-01 Thread Craig Isaacs
I went to the Retrospect site and found all kinds of info - but no hint as to how to buy the upgrade to 4.1/4.2 from 4.0. I see it's $29.95 but the upgrade is not listed on the Buy Now page. I was hoping to buy and download now. I'm very sorry about that. We will add that feature to our

RE: Ecrix VXA tape drive performance

2000-04-01 Thread Craig Isaacs
We bought an internal VXA 1 SCSI tape drive to replace the DLT 4000 that died on us last week. Our backup server is a Powermac 7200/90. While the price and capacity of the device are great ( 66 GB with 2:1 compression), we are having trouble getting the data transfer rate even close to

RE: testing restores

2000-04-13 Thread Craig Isaacs
-Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED] If I may make one suggestion: Just to give yourself peace of mind, it's a good thing to do a "test nuke". If you can, remove your working mirror disks from the server and

RE: AIT tape loaders-any real world experiences?

2000-05-04 Thread Craig Isaacs
(Bob said: "I attempted to post a message to the "Retro-Talk " mailing list this morning and experienced some difficultyPossibly you can pass this onto the responsible party..?" So, here's his post. Craig) On 5/3/00 18:23 ed hintz via email account: [EMAIL PROTECTED] stated the

RE: Time for backup at home

2000-05-18 Thread Craig Isaacs
Drive cost $550 $630 Tape cost $60 $50 For that kind of money, why not just buy a refurbished iMac, put NetPresenz on it, and use it as an ftp storage set repository? Just a thought... Tape has higher capacity, which lets you keep more files and more versions of those

RE: [Request] Progress bar on client machines

2000-05-31 Thread Craig Isaacs
That's a good request, Matthew. Thanks. One thing to note: it's OK if the backup is interrupted. The next time the notebook shows up on the network, Retrospect only copies what it doesn't already have. If the user wants to see if the backup is still happening (not how much is left -- sorry),

RE: Duplicating volumes

2000-06-07 Thread Craig Isaacs
Here's the stress then.. I need a copy of retrospect for each machine then right. Who's got that much scratch. plus I prefer to not have retrospect running on any of my servers (putting the client on there hurt). so hmmm looks like I'll still do it manually. Or maybe set-up an applescript

RE: backing up the registry in retrospect express

2000-06-13 Thread Craig Isaacs
Does Retrospect Express automatically backup the registry of Windows 98 when I do a full backup of the c;drive (where windows resides)? Yes. Craig -- -- To subscribe:[EMAIL PROTECTED] To unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Archives:

RE: Encryption?

2000-06-17 Thread Craig Isaacs
Is it possible to encrypt/password protect the content on the backup media? I know that you can encrypt/password protect the network transfer from the clients to the server but what about the contents of the media? When you create a new backup set, you can set encryption. Click on the

RE: onstream deal??

2000-06-21 Thread Craig Isaacs
A company mailed me with a deal on an onstream backup solution. What technology does onstream use? Is that the name of a backup tape + drive or a company that sell OEM backups...?? (DLT's for example.) The tapes were 25/50 and the drive handle 4 MB/sec. What are they talkig about!? ;-)

email notify (was RE: verify media)

2000-07-18 Thread Craig Isaacs
Open the Retrospect installation folder. Two folders have been installed: ReportsWatcher External Scripts Open the external scripts folder and then open the email notifier folder. Inside, there's a file you can edit to add your email address(es) for notification. Also, ReportsWatcher is

RE: customer notification

2000-07-19 Thread Craig Isaacs
retro-talk #660 - Tuesday, July 18, 2000 Dantz Website / Update? I did not receive an announcement of this update. I heard about it from TidBits. Did Dantz make an announcement to users? Dantz sent an email to all registered Retrospect for Mac customers. So, if you didn't get an email

RE: Estimate of user data backed up

2000-07-20 Thread Craig Isaacs
Title: Estimate of user data backed up On this page: there is a workgroup backup workbook. I believe it's also in the appendix of most recent Retrospect manuals. It's a great place to start. Craig -Original Message-From:

RE: Force a backup

2000-08-04 Thread Craig Isaacs
How does one force a single file to get backed up that RS thinks is already backed up? One way: Launch Retrospect ImmediateBackup Select your source and destination volumes if they're not already selected Click Options Click More Choices Click Matching Uncheck "Match source volumes to

Usenet comments?

2000-08-06 Thread Craig Isaacs
Is anyone interested in replying to a usenet posting about experiences with Retrospect for Windows? Here's the link: Thanks in advance Craig -- -- To subscribe:[EMAIL

RE: backup strategy

2000-08-15 Thread Craig Isaacs
I want to have five tapes named mon - fri and overwriting any information each night. Can someone please give me a hint of the settings in Retrospect. Launch Retrospect AutomateScripts New Pick "Backup" Call the script "Daily" Click Sources and set your sources Click Destinations and add

RE: ASIP 6.3 oddity

2000-08-17 Thread Craig Isaacs
I've noticed that on a number of occasions when backing up my ASIP server (6.3.1) from another Mac, any connected users get shut out, although the server continues to work and the backup proceeds without a problem. What's happening? any advice gratefully received. Just a guess (in other

RE: Maintaining a Redundent Server

2000-08-17 Thread Craig Isaacs
Will the duplication be like a Recycle backup or after the first will it be like a Normal backup (i.e only what has changed). Duplicates will only copy files that are not already there. The two options are to either make the destination look exactly like the source (i.e., delete files on

RE: Feeling Stupid

2000-08-20 Thread Craig Isaacs
... This really does work...honest. Before I would conjecture on what's happening at your site I'd like to ask you some questions. Like: 1) what does the log say? 2) do you have any error messages in modal/non-modal boxes (like backup failed with error "blah blah blah")? 3) did you save

RE: Can I add new files to a backup set's selector?

2000-08-20 Thread Craig Isaacs
I created a backup set based on a selector I built. After I did the first backup to that backup set, suddenly I realized that, oops, there are more files I should have included in it. Can I now modify that selector, adding another condition to included the files I forgot to originally

RE: computer synchronizing

2000-10-03 Thread Craig Isaacs
can Retrospect (Mac) be used to synchronize the drives on two geographically separated Macs? something came up in another mailing list that I thought Retrospect might be able to handle. (basically, it's to synch a main and a backup web server.) Retrospect can do this easily if the

RE: Mac Client Update

2000-10-18 Thread Craig Isaacs
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]On Behalf Of Wade Masshardt Unless I'm wrong, the Windows clients will restart the client computer immediately after they are updated, whereas the Macintosh clients require a manual restart. For fun and games, do a mass update of all your

RE: tape capacity

2000-10-23 Thread Craig Isaacs
Could someone techy from Dantz weigh in on this? Wow -- where to begin? 1. Retrospect only copies unique files to the backup set, which does reduce the amount of data copied to the backup set without reducing safety. Typically, you can expect to only copy 70-80% of the data on a network,

RE: tape capacity

2000-10-24 Thread Craig Isaacs
I'd like to say that I am not knocking Retrospect in the very least. This discussion on compression started by a feature suggestion. Retrospect is the best backup software on the market. I say that without hesitation because our department has tried at least 2 others and they quite frankly

RE: Backing up a remote site over DSL

2000-11-07 Thread Craig Isaacs
How feasible is it to backup a remote office over a DSL line? A client has a backup server at their main office and a remote site with 3 Macs. Each office has DSL. Assuming we can get through the firewalls, and get static IPs at the remote site, is it just a matter of entering the remote

RE: Force use of tape (was Re: SCSI Voodoo strikes...(continued))

2000-11-26 Thread Craig Isaacs
Hi again, I only received one response to the email below about 102 errors disappearing after if anyone else has any light to shed it would be appreciated. Since I posted we have found that if IE crashes (which it does extremely frequently on the backup) machine then

Faster catalog matching (was RE: Anyone used Retrospect onmedium-large systems?)

2001-01-03 Thread Craig Isaacs
- with a lot of computers, the Retrospect catalog files can become large, and doing the comparisons between catalog and the current client filesystem structure prior to backing up each client can take a long time. We are working diligently on this issue. It will be faster in the next

RE: multiple sets on single media?

2001-01-08 Thread Craig Isaacs
The key here: you have to think about Retrospect differently than Backup Exec or ARCserve. Retrospect tracks every file copied to each backup set. So, the first time you back up, every file that matches your criteria is added to the set. The next time you back up (assuming normal backups -- not

RE: Backing up PC Outlook *.pst files with Retro 4.3 on the Mac

2001-01-17 Thread Craig Isaacs
Hi all, Apart from repeatedly badgering users to make sure Outlook is quit before having the backup run, is there any fix in the works for the Mac version of Retrospect to back up the "open" Outlook *.pst files when backing up PCs? ... Or is this something the PC version of

RE: user deferred?

2001-02-22 Thread Craig Isaacs
I was just looking through my log file and I notice that there are a lot of entries for a user that say that the user was deferred every 4 minutes yesterday from 9:48am to 4:48 pm. I have seen this before with different users. Does anyone know why this happens? What is going on?

RE: Changing backup media

2001-03-05 Thread Craig Isaacs
But then, since "removable disks" and "CDR-Drive" are 2 different selections from the pop-up menu, maybe that's enough to keep it from spanning discs Exactly. -- -- To subscribe:[EMAIL PROTECTED] To unsubscribe: [EMAIL

RE: Basic Configuration (Was: Re: Retro)

2001-03-08 Thread Craig Isaacs
From: Todd Williams I use the same basic setup. Its easier to restore only the docs and prefs to the disk after you have restored everything else with an image. Keep in mind how Retrospect works (based on Eric's ASCIIart). If you're already using disk imagine software (Mac or Windows)