Issue creating reviewbot-cookies.txt

2018-03-13 Thread Hemapriya M
Hi, I installed reviewboard3.0 and reviewbot1.0. After configuring the broker url and starting the worker nodes, the broker status is "Unable to connect to broker". Also, I see the following traceback in reviewbot worker console. [2018-03-14 00:31:32,764: INFO/MainProcess] ???[???]: Done

API Error 103 during ReviewBot 1.0 setup

2018-04-14 Thread Hemapriya M
I'm trying to setup ReviewBot 1.0 in ReviewBoard 3.0.3. It says "Connected to broker" when the worker nodes are not started. But when I start the worker nodes, it throws the following error. [2018-04-14 05:35:24,736: ERROR/MainProcess] ???[???]: Could not reach RB server: You are not logged in

Re: API Error 103 during ReviewBot 1.0 setup

2018-04-17 Thread Hemapriya M
Ok. I have this issue when I use RBTools 0.7.11 with ReviewBot 1.0. Hence, downgraded RBTools to 0.7.10 and it works without this issue. -- Supercharge your Review Board with Power Pack: Want us to host Review Board for you? Check out RBCommons:

Review Board Ticket #4767: Discarded review requests are not getting indexed

2018-11-15 Thread Hemapriya M
-- To reply, visit -- New ticket #4767 by m_hemapriya For Beanbag, Inc. > Review Board Status: