Database Archival

2009-03-17 Thread Raghu
. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Raghu --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups reviewboard group. To post to this group, send email to To unsubscribe from this group, send email

Re: Database Archival

2009-03-19 Thread Raghu
Thank you Christian, I was just curious as to whether the size of DB was a big issue. Looks like it isn't from your response and looking at my (limited) usage. And yes, I'll come up with a suitable backup plan. Thanks again, Raghu On Mar 17, 10:36 pm, Christian Hammond

Re: Fresh review board never lets me register or do anything...

2009-04-09 Thread Raghu
, they will be shown as revisions in review board. This way a reviewer can easily find what changed between the original review request and the update he just got after the developer incorporated the review comments. 2. Correct. Review will not submit the code in SCM. -Raghu On Apr 9, 12:33 am, Ritesh Nadhani rite

Re: post-review tool

2009-04-14 Thread Raghu
Can you provide the complete output of post-review -d? My first guess would be that it is due to a space in the file path. -Raghu On Apr 13, 10:25 am, roshanpius wrote: Hi , I've been using post-review tool for posting reviews for Review Board for a Perforce

Re: Using Review Board

2009-05-16 Thread Raghu
. -Raghu On May 12, 12:48 am, Christian Hammond wrote: Hi Chris, Review Board doesn't have any way of preventing code from being checked in. As H M said, you'll need a pre-commit hook for this. I think there's one on At some point we may

Re: summary or statistic of reviewboard

2009-06-01 Thread Raghu
, that concept is not very useful. In fact, I would consider the engineer to be the owner of the request always. But that's just me. Hope that helps. -Raghu On Jun 1, 3:04 pm, wrote: Hi All, I am new for reviewboard. There are a couple of questions need your

Re: windows post-review errors while using on server

2009-06-08 Thread Raghu
Before using review board, you should set up a repository as specified in I strongly recommend you read the entire user/administration manual. That'll help you to get started quickly. -Raghu On Jun 8, 2:16

Re: need help to integrate post-review with Perforce

2009-06-11 Thread Raghu
You need to have a diff.exe that supports unified output format in your path. If you don't have it, you can get it by installing Cygwin ( -Raghu On Jun 11, 3:34 pm, Amit wrote: Tanks a lot for response. I could intergate with p4win. Now

Re: New comment moderation in effect

2009-06-14 Thread Raghu
Christian, I would be more than happy to help with that. I am in IST timezone. Thanks, Raghu On Jun 12, 3:28 pm, Christian Hammond wrote: Hi everyone. As I'm sure you all have seen, we've been getting some spam lately. There was a discussion in an earlier thread about

Re: Small improvement on shipit count

2009-06-19 Thread Raghu
. Thanks, Raghu On Jun 19, 5:10 am, Eduardo Felipe wrote: Well, that actually is part of my Google Summer of Code project for ReviewBoard, hehehe. []s Edu Felipe On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 5:18 PM, Christian wrote: We're waiting until 1.5

Re: Controlling emails

2009-06-21 Thread Raghu
and I can change the template to somewhat reduce the content of the e-mails. I understand that I'll have patch it every time I upgrade but that's not a big deal. Thanks, Raghu On Jun 17, 11:02 pm, Christian Hammond wrote: There's a bug open for this somewhere. There are plans

Re: Question about running post-review

2009-10-10 Thread Raghu
post-review is usually run from the user's development box, not the server. It will connect to the server over http(s) and upload the review request. -Raghu On Oct 8, 10:47 pm, Alfred von Campe wrote: I'm still in the process of setting up out ReviewBoard server

Some doubts

2014-10-15 Thread raghu . gs
Hello I am using latest version of ReviewBoard. I have some doubts in using post-review functionality. 1) Do i need to create corresponding users in ReviewBoard for svn users to see correct commiter name ? 2) How can i upload full code for ReviewBoard to manage it ? 3) Do ReviewBoard contain