Re: Quantitative analysis

2008-10-29 Thread Radovan Cerny
[EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit : Hi Blaise In Bragg-Brentano mode, sample spinning does nothin for PO. This is because the diffraction vector is normal to the sample surface, and sample spinning rotates along this vector. That's wrong! As I have already written, the empirical PO corrections

RE: Quantitative analysis

2008-10-29 Thread Daniel Chateigner
hi all, not only fibre like, but single component fibre, and with the fibre axis parrallel to the sample normal (i.e. cyclic fibre. this is very restrictive and generally does not correspond to the real texture. Contrarilly to what has been said here or there, the March-Dollase does not ensure PO

RIET: availability of Golden Book of Phase Transitions, Wroclaw (2002)

2008-10-29 Thread Lachlan Cranswick
A quick query for people A few of the ICSD crystal structure entries (such as [Metathenardite] Disodium sulfate(VI)) have references to: Golden Book of Phase Transitions, Wroclaw (2002) Does anyone know if this book really exists and where it can be obtained from? Even

RE: Anisotropic peak broadening with TOPAS

2008-10-29 Thread Matthew.Rowles
Sorry, pressed the wrong button... If you just want to try fitting the peaks, you could try something like this: str phase_name Metal_oxide local broad 100 'crys size for hk0 and hkl local sharp 2000 'crys size for 00l local csL = IF (And(H == 0,