Re: Anisotropic peak broadening with TOPAS

2008-10-30 Thread Frank Girgsdies
Dear Matthew, thanks for your reply. I hope to look a bit deeper into it (and try the code) a little later today. At the first glance, however, I'm not sure whether treating hk0 and hkl the same way would be appropriate from the theoretical point of view. But as I'm a practical guy, I will just

Cell parameters

2008-10-30 Thread María Susana Conconi
Dear all I am looking for references about cell parameters of mixed orthoferrites of La and Y. (Y(1-x)LaxFeO3). I have crystal data for the end members of the serie but I can not find any reference about cell parameters of intermediate compositions. Any information would be useful. Many

cif files for austenite

2008-10-30 Thread antonio josé
Dear All. I trying analyze phases in a steel sample using X-Ray technique. The analysis of X-Ray pattern shows that the main phases are ferrite and austenite. The next step would be quantify these phases by Rietveld method using TOPAS 3.0. I am looking for cif files for austenite and I