RE: UVW - how to avoid negative widths?

2009-03-20 Thread miguelhg
Hi to all!, in fact, the Cagliti's expression is just a way to show the angular variation of fwhm, as was mentioned was usef for neutron diffraction and adopted in XRD, we can also build another dependence such as FWMH vs 2theta directly and it is useful to evaluate size and strain, the problem

Re: cif files for austenite

2008-11-03 Thread miguelhg
Hi Antonio I have tried the position of C atom, and i have supposed that could be in 8a,whic is an intersticial position, as Frank says, but you have to specify the site occupation, which is related to carbon content. Best wishes. Miguel Hesiquio On Fri, October 31, 2008 8:05 am, Frank