Re: Disallows in robots.txt

2000-03-24 Thread Toivio Tuomas

Bert Van Kets:
It even overrides the other disalows.

No override... Robots Exclusion Standard on User-agent:
(If the value is '*', the record describes the default access policy for
any robot that) has not [yet] matched any of the other records.

Cheers, Tuomas

Re: Disallows in robots.txt

2000-03-24 Thread Martin Beet


 I was looking at a robots.txt file and it had a series of disallow
 instructions for various user agents, and then at the bottom was a full
 Wouldn't this just disallow everyone from everything?

No, it would disallow everyone but a ... d (with the
specified restrictions).

From the spec:
  The robot
   must obey the first record in /robots.txt that contains a User-
   Agent line whose value contains the name token of the robot as a
   substring. The name comparisons are case-insensitive. If no such
   record exists, it should obey the first record with a User-agent
   line with a * value, if present. If no record satisfied either
   condition, or no records are present at all, access is unlimited.

Regards, Martin