[Rosegarden-user] Sound issues

2020-06-18 Thread liebrecht
I use a system that goes like this For output streams Pulseaudio->PulseaudioJackSync->Jackd->Alsa->AudioInterface 1) --- Problem is that I can only configure Rosegarden to play directly through Jack. that would have been OK if Rosegardne actually had a functional volume control

Re: [Rosegarden-user] Shorten default MIDI event duration for drum notes inserted from the piano roll.

2020-06-18 Thread Arnaldo Pirrone
Hi Ted, Lorenzo, all On 13/06/20 alle 02:58, Ted Felix wrote: Would this be a checkbox to the left to mute a specific note? Actually, this is much simpler. You just select a note, (or a group of notes) and press a key (if I remember well it was M) and it becomes gray to mean that it is