Re: [Rosegarden-user] ROSEGARDEN 20.06, codename "Zepherine Drouhin" RELEASED

2020-06-04 Thread D. Michael McIntyre
When we came up with the rose names codename thing, starting with 
Abraham Darby and the gigantic all-consuming rewrite that involved the 
largest team Rosegarden has ever seen working at the same time, I have 
to admit I was thinking "yeah right" to myself when I dug down to the 
bottom of the alphabet.

Well, here we are at Z, the end of that original list, preparing to roll 
back to A. This just wouldn't have been possible without Ted Felix. His 
contribution to Rosegarden just can't be overstated.

May this project cycle through the alphabet yet again!
D. Michael McIntyre

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Re: [Rosegarden-user] ROSEGARDEN 20.06, codename "Zepherine Drouhin" RELEASED

2020-06-04 Thread Lorenzo Sutton

On 04/06/20 05:00, Ted Felix wrote:

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 20.06
of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of
music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Well done Ted and the rest of contributors!

Included in this release...

= Bug Fixes =

   * Fixed multiple memory leaks (r15684, r15685, etc...)
   * Fixed 100% CPU usage when drawing lines in the controller rulers,
     bug #1571 (r15705)
   * Fixed multiple invalid reads (r15707, r15708)
   * Increased the height of the loop ruler, feature #481 (r15718)
   * Fixed CCs not going out when playback begins in the middle of
     a segment, bug #1560 (r15735)
   * Fixed volume and pan CCs always going out even if the controllers
     were removed from the Device, feature #482 (r15750)
   * Stop sending CCs on ch10 when metronome muted, feature #482
   * Fixed a problem with showing pitchbend ruler (r15771)
   * Made default for expression CC 127 instead of 100 (r15773)
   * Fixed a crash in Audio File Manager, bug #1576 (r15786)
   * Fixed a crash when importing .ly as X11/RG21, bug #1579 (r15806)
   * Fixed a crash on chords in pitch tracker, bug #1582 (r15835)

= New Features =

   * Track height can now be adjusted in the preferences, feature #479
     (r15710-r15712, r15737)
   * New Segment > Transpose by Semitones... available in the Segment
     Canvas, feature #480 (r15715)
   * Right-click can now be used in the loop ruler to set the loop,
     feature #481 (r15717)
   * The current segment label is now displayed in the Matrix editor
     when multiple segments have been selected for editing, feature
     #470 (r15738-r15740)
   * Segment "For Notation" feature, bug #1578 (r15805)
   * Source distribution now includes these release notes in a
     CHANGELOG file.  The release notes will continue to be available
     on the wiki as well:

= Significant Code Cleanups =

   * PitchBend and Controller Sequence Dialog cleanup (r15662-r15684,
     r15696-r15701, etc...)
   * MappedEventBuffer cleanup (r15719-r15730)
   * Colour removal and ColourMap cleanup (r15795-r15803)

= Additional Contributors =

   * Michael Stockinger ( - German Translation
   * Juan Carlos Pineda Arredondo - Roland-D5.rgd and ZynAddSubFX.rgd
   * Philip Leishman (lman) - Segment "For Notation" feature


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