[Rosegarden-user] Crash from 13.12 - svn. and question about replacing RG splash

2013-10-21 Thread Clem, Brian T.
Could my QT version be incorrect? 4 or 5? But every time I try to select a text tab (File) (Edit)(View)etc... it crashes and ruins my day... each time. QSpiAccessible::accessibleEvent not handled: 6 obj: QMenu(0x2fd9fa0, name = Segments) Segments Aborted (core dumped) There was lots

Re: [Rosegarden-user] [Rosegarden-devel] Rosegarden's Future

2012-05-10 Thread Clem, Brian T.
On 10 May 2012 16:18, Richard Bown richard.b...@ferventsoftware.com wrote: Devs or Interested in Ports I'm not particularly interested in a Mac port and don't especially want one, but I'm certainly competent to make one and would try to help out if there was more general interest. (Why not