Re: [Rosegarden-user] Rosegarden's Future

2012-05-10 Thread Ian Gardner
I guess this problem affects all software development, but I wouldn't know 
that, because I'm not a professional by any means.  I guess Rosegarden is my 
rude awakening to all the jubilation and glee I missed out on by being a 
liberal arts major.

No great loss.  Software is a pain in the ass.
D. Michael McIntyre

I guess people like me are part of the problem in this regard, turn up one day, 
chuck something in to do with linked segments and then f. off into the sunset. 
Fly-by-night, here today and gone tomorrow contributors :-(

While dusting off my jack-midi code I noticed I was also halfway through 
implementing a scheme for copy/pasting linked segments more flexibly, but I got 
scared of committing it for fear of bringing the whole pack-o-cards down around 
my ears.

If it's any consolation (which I'm sure it isn't), I'm currently making my 
living from code development, and the codes I work on which pay my wages are 
much much MUCH worse than Rosegarden under the hood. Doing it for a living 
though you do at least get the pleasant face-to-face company of your fellow 
developers to share a laugh with at tea break time. That helps A LOT.

I guess one possible way to ameliorate the bejeesus, this codebase is an 
unmaintainable spaghetti! problem is automated testing. Given that RG is 
command driven it might be possible to put a command serialisation scheme in 
place to generate a sort of composition building script (basically a dump of 
the command stack). Sarcasm Merely requires a pure virtual serialise() 
function in the Command class, and the appropriate implementation in all 
150,000 commands currently in RG /Sarcasm. Then if you do some work and the 
tests still pass, you can't have done too much wrong, even if you don't 
understand every other part of the code, you just know you haven't broken it 
too badly. Which part of the whole RG workflow is being the most unstable atm? 
Composition creation/editing? Recording/playback?


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[Rosegarden-user] Linked segments in 11.11

2011-11-06 Thread Ian Gardner
Hello all,

Now that the first incarnation of Linked Segment functionality is out there 
in the wild in 11.11, I'm about to have a go at a few ideas to take it further.

At the moment, the basic linked segment functionality is just about the minimum 
possible implementation - i.e. you can create a linked segment from an existing 
segment by Ctrl+Alt+dragging it, and you can unlink a linked segment by use of 
a Segment menu entry.

If anyone starts making use of linked segments and/or has ideas for more 
features related to them, I'd be more than happy to hear.

At the moment the feature is a bit secretive - if you don't know about the 
cryptic Ctrl-Alt-drag incantation, you're unlikely to find out about it by 
looking at anything in the ui. Hence the first extension I want to make is the 
ability to paste a segment as a link by some kind of Paste as links edit menu 
item (with an associated Ctrl+Alt+V shortcut). I'd also like to put in some 
kind of advanced paste as links functionality for pasting (say) N segments as 
links, or pasting them at a certain time or bar/beat. Basically finer control 
of the paste of the links.

I guess we could do with some way of colour coordinating link groups, and be 
able to change colour of a link group all in one go.

On the dev list we've had various blue sky discussions about relative 
transposition of links or time stretch/squashing links, all of which I'd love 
to revisit.

Anyway, I hope at least some of you get some use out of it, even in its present 
basic form! Let me know if there are any bugs with it too.

Thanks all,


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[Rosegarden-user] Ubuntu oneiric 11.10 and kernel v3

2011-10-16 Thread Ian Gardner
Hello all,

Just upgraded my kubuntu to the latest release, and to my astonishment the 
ubuntu vanilla kernel seems capable of doing a reasonable job 
rosegarden+jack+qsynth type audio. This is with jack in RT mode with the 
default fairly conservative settings. I'm not trying to do almost-zero latency 
audio work here, just trying to play a non-trivial midi file (carnival of the 
animals as it happens), and it sounds ... well, fine really.

This is the first time I've experienced anything other than practically useless 
rg/qsynth performance on a vanilla kernel (ubuntu version). First time I've not 
had to immediately try to compile my own low latency/high 
resolution/pre-emptive kernel after an upgrade just to use Rosegarden to play a 
midi file. I'm actually quite happy about this :-)  

I don't follow kernel development that closely - have things been done in 
kernel v3 to improve latency/resolution/preemption of the vanilla version does 
anyone know? I guess to do proper pro audio work you still need to roll your 
own rt or low latency kernel, but it would be nice if the bog standard kernel 
just played nicely with rosegarden out of the box, for the casual user.

Of course there are plenty of reasons never to put yourself through the 
potential hell of a distribution upgrade with (k)ubuntu, but for once, for me 
at least, kernel-midi-rubbishness doesn't seem to be one of them.

Unless I'm alone in my experience with previous vanilla kernels and rosegarden, 
and you've all been happily using vanilla kernels and rosegarden together for 
years, in which case ignore me and carry on as you were :-)


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