Re: [Rosegarden-user] Test please ignore

2017-08-06 Thread Johan Vromans
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Re: [Rosegarden-user] Video editing on Linux

2016-08-15 Thread Johan Vromans
On Sun, 14 Aug 2016 15:19:24 -1000
David Jones  wrote:

> Kdenlive worked fine for my limited needs. And made sense to this
> non-video maker.

Kdenlive is rather intuitive (once you've got the hang of it) but it has
let me down many times by crashing or producing non-functional videos. If
it works for you, check your results and be happy.

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Re: [Rosegarden-user] Guitar notation vs. sound

2012-09-24 Thread Johan Vromans writes:

 Is now the time to point out many people play guitar with alternative
 tunings?  I know I do, it makes it MUCH easier.  Notice how many
 performers keep switching guitars between songs, that is probably because
 the guitars are tuned differently - i.e. to make the song easy to play.

Sometimes, but not often.

To be more precise: I estimate 90% of the guitar players to play in the
standard tuning. Professionals often change guitars due to the specific
sound (e.g., acoustig, electical, nylon versus steel versus phosphor,
jazz-guitar versus country guitar, fender versus gibson), technical
issues (e.g., piezo versus soundhole element, single coil versus
humbucker) and not in the least, the playability of a specific piece on
a specific guitar (e.g., small versus wide neck, cut away).

Of the guitarists I've seen playing with differing tunings, most played
in DADGAD and switched guitars for the exactly the same reasons as
mentioned above.

Only very few did change guitars because of the tuning. Most of them
just retune on stage.

Of course, I've seen only a limited number of guitarists...

-- Johan

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Re: [Rosegarden-user] Guitar notation vs. sound

2012-09-23 Thread Johan Vromans
Al Thompson writes:

 Well, he's RIGHT!  There's no possible way for standard notation to
 indicate on which string and at what fret any particular note is to be
 played, and most notes on a guitar can be played in multiple locations.

Depends on what you call 'standard notation'. I've seen quite a few
sheets [for classical guitar] with exact fingerings, which is already a
very good hint for the actual fret positions, but sometimes also
including explicit fret positions.

-- Johan

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[Rosegarden-user] Choose Text Encoding

2011-10-19 Thread Johan Vromans
When I open a MIDI file, I always get a dialog Choose Text Encoding.
My MIDI files contain text (vocals) that is UTF-8 encoded Unicode.

Is there a way I can instruct RoseGarden to *always* use UTF-8 and not
bother me with encoding selection?

-- Johan

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