[Rosegarden-user] Testing Request: Rulers and PBSD

2020-02-09 Thread Ted Felix
If anyone has some time for testing, I've just finished a review and cleanup of the "PitchBendSequenceDialog" (PBSD) and fixed numerous memory leaks in the rulers. Grab the latest svn and give it a whirl. Some testing ideas in case you've not used these features... In the Matrix and

[Rosegarden-user] A request

2018-01-06 Thread Will Godfrey
First of all, a belated Happy New Year to all Rosegarden-isters. Is there any chance of implementing Jack MIDI for Rosegarden as and alternative to ALSA? I know this is definitely non-trivial (from my work on Yoshimi) but it would be a very welcome addition - and would also silence some of our

Re: [Rosegarden-user] Feature request: Duration, velocity, pitch, group changes

2012-04-23 Thread Damien
Abrolag abrolag@... writes: In the matrix editor go to 'select' mode and simply drag a rubber band round the wanted notes to highlight them. Use the mouse over any of the selected note to change duration of all of them. Up and down arrows to change pitch of the group, CTRL up and down to

[Rosegarden-user] Feature request: Duration, velocity, pitch, group changes

2012-03-29 Thread audiodef1
In a future version, can we have bulk/group edits on groups of notes for velocity, duration, pitch, and other note parameters? These are features I've found in other professional MIDI sequencing software on other platforms and are INCREDIBLY useful. As Rosegarden is now (11.11.11), I have to