Re: [Rosegarden-user] Jack freewheel and jack-midi and general thoughts

2019-07-25 Thread Lorenzo Sutton
Well... I have to resurrect this and be warned, as often with my posts, it is long :) TL;DR: jack midi is not that easy nor optimal, so maybe re-prioritize LV2 with audio render of projects After a few months of experimenting and discussing, I have come to the conclusion that I will have

Re: [Rosegarden-user] Not able to carry out some editing while playing back?

2019-07-25 Thread Lorenzo Sutton
On 23/07/19 09:00, Lorenzo Sutton wrote: On 23/07/19 03:38, Ted Felix wrote: On 7/22/19 3:05 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote: [...]    I'll add a feature request... Thanks a lot Ted, sounds like a sensible compromise and I think I can live with that: _usually_ RG has been quite stable even

[Rosegarden-user] How to export tempo changes

2019-07-25 Thread Jan Beneš III .
Hello, my apology for very silly question.. I am trying to download midi song to my external sequencer from RG. I connect midi cable to RG "out", then to sequencer IN. I set sequencer to by synced by external clock, in RG I set in midi preferences all sync as Master and tick "Automatically