Re: Files copied into wrong directory

2007-07-21 Thread Matt McCutchen

On 7/19/07, Matt McCutchen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Notwithstanding that paragraph, if you forward a local port to the
daemon's port, you're additionally in danger of others on the local
machine piggybacking on that forward.  Using a ProxyCommand in place
of a port forward (see method 2 on ) doesn't have the piggybacking
problem and also tends to be more convenient.

Oops, I realized that's not quite what I meant to say.  The goal is
not to set a ProxyCommand for ssh to *use* (as is the case when there
are two ssh-es involved), but to set the equivalent of a proxy command
for rsync to use, the command itself involving ssh.  I described the
two ways to do that at the end of this message: .  Wayne,
please consider mentioning one or both methods on .

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DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4402] Incorrect time logged with glibc 2.5 inside chroot area

2007-07-21 Thread samba-bugs

--- Comment #8 from [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2007-07-21 09:13 CST ---
Created an attachment (id=2836)
 -- (
Test program #2

(In reply to comment #7)
 Did you try using localtime() instead of localtime_r()?  I wonder if the 
 would help rsync?
 Did you try forking after the chroot?

I changed the program to use localtime() and forked both before and after the
chroot (attached).  Nevertheless, all four processes gave the correct time. 
This is really puzzling.  I suppose I will have to butcher a copy of the rsync
source code down to a test program little by little and see when the inaccuracy
goes away.

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