Re: Reproducable failure with rsync, iptables and RHEL4

2007-02-18 Thread Jason Haar
Timothy J. Massey wrote: Hello! I have a consistent, reproducable failure performing an rsync of an RHEL4 system running rsync in daemon mode with iptables enabled. With iptables disabled, or with a rule that explicitly allows all traffic, the rsync completes. However, with iptalbes

DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4402] New: Incorrect time logged with glibc 2.5

2007-02-18 Thread samba-bugs Summary: Incorrect time logged with glibc 2.5 Product: rsync Version: 2.6.9 Platform: Other OS/Version: Windows XP Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P3

DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4402] Incorrect time logged with glibc 2.5 inside chroot area

2007-02-18 Thread samba-bugs [EMAIL PROTECTED] changed: What|Removed |Added Summary|Incorrect time logged with |Incorrect time logged with