AW: Largest file system being synced

2002-06-27 Thread Martin Bene
Hi Jason, Are there any Linux users out there using the likes of RAID'ed-NBD, CODA or Intermezzo for a similar effect? The NBD (network block device) looks interesting, it allows you to mount a remote raw partition - so you can effectively RAID over the network. I'd recomend drbd over

AW: rsync raising an IO error for an excluded file

2002-04-26 Thread Martin Bene
Hi Martin, Shouldn't/couldn't the ignore silently if excluded be specified less strictly to cover the above permission denied error as well? I think you're right. Martin Pool, what do you think? Martin Bene, could you please try coding and testing a patch that will do what

rsync raising an IO error for an excluded file

2002-03-28 Thread Martin Bene
Hi, when syncing from windows NT/cygwin to linux usimg rsync 2.5.2 I get the following error: readlink pagefile.sys: Permission denied IO error encountered - skipping file deletion pagefile.sys is however in the exclude-list, so I think rsync shouldn't care that it can't stat the file. The

rsync 2.5.1 on NT/cygwin: can't handle filenames with non-latin1 character set

2002-03-09 Thread Martin Bene
Hi, 2nd problem when using rsync on NT: rsync can't handle filenames with strange characters in the filename; no remote system needs to be involved here, happens even rsync between two local directories: $ rsync -av /cygdrive/c/data/transfer/Marisa/ Marisa/ building file list ... readlink

rsync 2.5.1 on NT/cygwin: transfer via ssh stalls

2002-03-09 Thread Martin Bene
Hi, when trying to rsync a directory tree between linux and win2k via ssh, the transfer stalls after a few MB. using the same command line over rsh instead of ssh works. rsync -av -e ssh Administrator@mykw2server:/usr/ usr/ ssh version: 3.1p1 on both sides rsync version 2.5.1 on both sides.