Re: Compiling on a Cobalt RaQ1

2002-03-11 Thread Martin Pool
On 11 Mar 2002, Jurrie Overgoor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 'lo, After a long search through the archives I got my awnser. It seams that the glibc package that comes with RH5.2 (with the Cobalt RaQ1 is based on) is broken. I need to upgrade... Now the sh*tty part: To compile rsync 2.5.x I

Compiling on a Cobalt RaQ1

2002-03-08 Thread Jurrie Overgoor
Hello, I've downloaded version 2.5.2 and I tried compiling that one on a Cobalt RaQ1 server (maybe anyone has heard of them, they have that neat blue front). What I want is to make the RaQ1 a remote backup server, so I thought Rsync would be usefull... The compilation did not work, it