Re: Compiling on a Cobalt RaQ1

2002-03-11 Thread Martin Pool

On 11 Mar 2002, Jurrie Overgoor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 After a long search through the archives I got my awnser. It seams that the
 glibc package that comes with RH5.2 (with the Cobalt RaQ1 is based on) is
 broken. I need to upgrade...
 Now the sh*tty part:
 To compile rsync 2.5.x I need to upgrade glibc
 To upgrade glibc I need to upgrade gcc and gmake
 I tried to compile gcc and I got errors...
 Then I got a bit frustrated, and I tried an old version (rsync 2.4.6). That
 worked ok, so I'll use that one. Are there any significant changes in 2.5.2
 opposed to 2.4.6?

There are some bugs fixed in 2.5 -- most importantly, one that
sometimes causes rsync-over-ssh to hang.  If they're not bugging you,
it would be OK to stay on 2.4.

It ought to be possible to fix 2.5 to work on RH5, but I haven't got
around to it yet.  If you want, you could start by looking at whether
the builtin getaddrinfo is used or not.

Altneratively you could cross-compile a static version of rsync using
the MIPS gcc on some other machine.


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Compiling on a Cobalt RaQ1

2002-03-08 Thread Jurrie Overgoor


I've downloaded version 2.5.2 and I tried compiling that one 
on a Cobalt RaQ1 server (maybe anyone has heard of them, they have that neat 
blue front). What I want is to make the RaQ1 a remote backup server, so I 
thought Rsync would be usefull...
The compilation did not work, it stalled trying to compile 
clientserver.c (or something, I cannot acces the RaQ from where I am now). There 
was something about a undeclared function. I also got a load of warnings before 
that error...
The same problem occures with package 2.5.1.

But the interesting part is that the very same package DOES 
compile on a standard RedHat 7.1 firewall box.
That box has a newer version of gcc, so maybe that is the 
reason? The RaQ1 has version 2.7.something, and the RH 7.1 box has 2.9... What 
version of gcc does Rsync need?

I cannot compile Rsync on the RH 7.1 box and copy those files, 
because the RaQ 1 is a mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu host withvery different 
hardware than that of the RH 7.1 box.

Oh yeah, I also thought of missing header files, but I don't 
think that is the problem, because I don't have problems compiling other 
programs. Above all, there is a directory with include files in /usr/src/linux 
(and the source is also available...)

Can anyone give me advise on how I can get Rsync to compile 
correctly? Thanks in advance,

Greetz -- Jurrie 

PS: It appears the search archives option is broken, please 
fix this, as it's a very handy option!