2002-04-25 Thread Rich Winkel
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symmetric mirroring (was testing)

2002-04-25 Thread Rich Winkel
Sorry for the junk mail, it seems my last post was lost in the ether, despite being successfully delivered to lists.samba.org (!) Very frustrating, since I didn't keep a copy of it. My question was regarding what might be called symmetric mirroring, where two sets of identical files, both being

Re: symmetric mirroring (was testing)

2002-04-25 Thread Rich Winkel
Hi Martin, I guess I need to be more specific. I have a unix user who has unix machines at home and at work. He wants local access to the same set of files whether he's at home or at work. If each side updates a non-overlapping set of files you can do this using --update to push only the

Concurrent tree-mapping (2.5.2)

2002-05-13 Thread Rich Winkel
Hi, maybe this is fixed in the current version, but in listening to the disk drives on two rsyncing hosts in the same room, it was apparent that the target machine only started mapping out its directory structure after the source machine had finished doing so, doubling the startup time. Seems

touch option for -c ?

2003-11-14 Thread Rich Winkel
Hi, I hope this hasn't been asked before ... I couldn't find it anyway. To the best of my knowledge, without the -c option rsync judges file differences based on date stamp and file size. This speeds things up of course but can be problematic when date stamps of two otherwise identical files are