[rt-users] Drag Drop attache files

2014-08-25 Thread Eierschmalz, Bernhard
Hello, is there any way to attach files via Drag Drop to a ticket without the need of a comment? Best regards Benrhard -- RT Training - Boston, September 9-10 http://bestpractical.com/training

Re: [rt-users] Tickets from other Ticketsystem

2014-08-25 Thread Eierschmalz, Bernhard
Hello Kevin, I already thought about creating a scrip like Condition: Transaction obj = create Subject contains [plus ticket# Action: Search tickets with same plus-ticket no. If one exists, combine What do you think about this solution? Or would you prefer the strongly modified plugin? Best

[rt-users] Compile /Search/Chart not working

2014-08-25 Thread andriusk
Hello, I want to compile the chart GD::Image for latter use like this: my $chart = $m-comp('/Search/Chart', Query = $Query, Console = 1, %ARGS); And modified code in /Search/Chart like this: %METHOD Plot %ARGS $plot = undef $Console = 0 /%ARGS %INIT my @types = ('png', 'gif');

[rt-users] Attachments

2014-08-25 Thread Moose
We have a workflow where when a ticket is created, a dependent approval ticket is also created. This dependent is the Review stage for the originating ticket before it hits the real Approvals stage and is processed. One of our users needs to be able to approve a Review by email (without ever

[rt-users] Can't resolve in-progress ticket?

2014-08-25 Thread Rezty Felty
I just upgraded our RT system, from running on SLES 11 to RHEL 6.5, RT from 3.8.7 to 4.2.6, and mysql from an old version to the latest mariadb. Upgrade went smoothly, have tested everything, all seems to be well, except one thing. I have a ticket that a user placed in in-progress status

Re: [rt-users] Can't resolve in-progress ticket?

2014-08-25 Thread Rezty Felty
More info, have opened additional tickets to test, seems that when any ticket is placed in in-progress status, it then loses all status choices except in-progress. Thanks, Rezty Felty Senior Linux Administrator Adknowledge 816-559-1196 From: Rezty Felty

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.2.6 Cannot attach multiple attachments when opening tickets

2014-08-25 Thread Lists
Hi Kevin, I cannot reproduce it on demo.bestpractical.com but I can reproduce it on my TEST server. So at least I am consistent with my mistakes. Thanks, Dave On 8/24/2014 5:24 PM, Kevin Falcone wrote: On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 03:48:57PM -0500, Lists wrote: Other than a few custom fields

Re: [rt-users] S/MIME signed emails are detected as non-plaintext

2014-08-25 Thread ms
On 20/08/2014 18:33, Alex Vandiver wrote: On 08/18/2014 11:12 AM, m...@fv-berlin.de wrote: we're running RT 4.2.5 and have noticed a minor annoyance. When you send an S/MIME-signed (not encrypted!) mail to RT to create a ticket, the email body will be added as quoted text because it's not

Re: [rt-users] Can't resolve in-progress ticket?

2014-08-25 Thread Alex Peters
Sounds like a possible misconfiguration of the relevant lifecycle: https://bestpractical.com/docs/rt/latest/customizing/lifecycles.html#Update-Transitions On 26/08/2014 1:40 am, Rezty Felty rfe...@adknowledge.com wrote: More info, have opened additional tickets to test, seems that when any