Re: [rt-users] Search for tickets a user has updated in a given time period

2015-05-19 Thread Loïc Cadoret
If I understand correctly what you want to do, search for tickets that have been updated between two dates, you should use the Query Builder (something like LastUpdated '2015-05-16' AND LastUpdated '2015-05-18' should match your query). You can play with a large panel of criterias and by

Re: [rt-users] Change RT email address

2015-05-19 Thread Loïc Cadoret
Well by reading again the thread, I realize that i've misunderstood your answer, my appologies for that, english is not my native language, there is no confusion, thanks for the advice, it is helpfull. Regards, Loic Cadoret IT Technician Keyyo Le 18/05/2015 17:09, Jaime Kikpole a écrit : On

Re: [rt-users] Upgraded 4.0.0 with RTFM 2.0 to RT 4.2 - can RTFM be removed?

2015-05-19 Thread Giuseppe Sollazzo
Ok, I got it working. The Content is actually a custom field that needs to be configured. It's reported at Can I recommend a link to this is added to the distribution's README/UPGRADE files? Thanks, --